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Monday 3 December 2012

Looking back at our favourite foodie things this year: Part 2 random tasty eats around town!

Here's part 2 of me just randomly rambling off the local restaurants that were awesome this spring, summer and fall...   Part 1 was foodie friends, part 3 will be Hawaii restaurants.  So many restaurants these last few months, but these are the few that stood out...This is going to be a food porn run! *you've been warned!*
In the restaurants category... First off, a sad goodbye to Highlands Kitchen.  We'll never see the likes of your decadent pulled pork crepes 

and fall off the bones slow cooked bison short ribs again :'( Well, until the spring of 2013...
On a happier note, hats off to these restaurants and providers of yumminess in no particular order:

Congrats with the new addition and (finally!) being recognized as one of the best pastry shops in Canada!)  Still loving the macarons, Gruyere croissants and the sweet buttery love!

Sumo Sumo
Initially off to a bit of a rough start, Sumo Sumo's worked hard and has really worked on their presentation and their sashimi. Mmmmm!

El Rancho
Still the best in the city for amazing homestyle traditional El Salvadorian fare whether it be our first, second, third or fourth.. or more times!  And yes, though Acujutla arguably makes wicked pupusas, we still liked El Rancho better overall.

Wing Chicx
Purveyor of possibly the most addictive Korean short ribs in town:

Viphalay Loas and Thai
Congrats on the new digs downtown, and still making the best Thai tea redolent in too many spices to name

and gosh-darn BEST you can never have enough roti dessert ever!

Tutti Frutti

This yummy frogurt chain is multiply faster than you can blink.  With locations on Whyte, WEM, Millwoods, Southgate.. and soon, Leduc and Saskatchewan!
After finally making time to visit once, then second and then third time, I'm glad I had a chance to have my tastebuds dance several times on their glorious take on a simple grilled cheese with boschetto al tartufo, charred onion, sunny up egg

Brasserie on Kensington
For serving up the most ridiculously rich and indulgent combinations of duck, pork belly and truffles. My arteries say nooooooo, but my tastebuds scream YOS!!! to their pork belly and duck confit

and duck rillete sandwich

and innumerable combinations of duck fried poutine topped with well, duck, ham hock, bacon, truffles.. you name it. Yum!

Tau Bay

They barely open, but with the best pho in the city (homemade is always better!), you'll always have folks lining up for their traditional Vietnamese soupy beef noodle soup... when they deign to open their doors and not away on vacation.

Van Loc for still making the best Vietnamese subs around town

Oliveto's for tying with Piccolino's for best Italian hands down in the city

Wa's having the best Japanese in Calgary

Milestones... for their really tasty kobe style beef sliders

Continental Treat for amazing pickle soup and rich escargots

La Rhonde for a sweet strawberry ending to a lovely special night

And our fav Japanese restaurant - Wasabi... for your countless new and interesting specials.. including this gorgeous presentation of Sea Robin and never batting an eye when we ask to be seated at a larger table to accommodate all the food we order.

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