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Friday 24 August 2012

Wa's Japanese, Calgary, AB - Best Japanese sushi nigiri in Calgary!

Rating Food 9.5/10, Service 9.5/10
Ever since my aunt showed me this place years ago, Wa's has been a favourite place I like to head to anytime I'm in the Calgary area. Food quality, execution and service has always been top notch at this Japanese family run restaurant, and I was glad it didn't change over the years. When making reservations, we mentioned we were stuck in a traffic jam on the highway and may be a bit late, the host insisted we should drive slow and safely.  It wasn't hard to drive slow as traffic at one point was at a standstill lol!

The menu has really expanded over the years, with a variety of noodles, entrees, set meals, appetizers, rolls and of course sashimi and sushi nigiri to choose from - its almost overwhelming. We simplified it by having everyone at the table pick several items off the menu, was told by the waitress "its a lot of food", to which we cheerfully replied "we can always pack the leftovers for lunch tomorrow!", and sat back with cups of freshly brewed green tea to watch the sushi chef work his magic

We started with the Sunomono salad, on of my fav items I try to order from any Japanese restaurant I go to. Wa's version is pretty as a picture, with a glass noodles base, kelp, imitation crab meat, blanched sweet shrimp, surf clam, blanched octopus swimming in a tangy dressing. Pretty garnish of sliced cucumbers, lemon and toasted sesame seeds too. Mmm!

Next up for appetizers was Agedashi tofu beautifully presented with soft silky lightly deep fried tofu, and an elegant garnish of shredded bonito, fresh red and green seaweed, grated diakon and thinly shaved sweet onions.. Nom!!!

Close up of this yumminess all sitting in a tangy ponzo based sauce.. Nomnomnom!!

The Nagomi maki was 6 rolls each packed with capelin roe, cucumber, crispy bits of deep fried tempura and a swipe of Japanese mayonnaise inside, before being crowned with 6 different types of seafood toppings: crabmeat with roe

Creamy fresh salmon sashimi twisted into a rose shape and topped with fresh salty-savory salmon roe

A contrasting salt and fresh water grilled eel - Unagi with a light teriyaki glaze on bottom, Smokey moist Anago on top

A red snapper tartare topped with green onions (someone else ate it so I have no idea)

and hamachi or white tuna with green onions, wakame salad topping on left, and a chopped spicy tuna with creamy sweet spicy notes

Okay, so veges aren't really an entree, but we're sharing everything family style anyways. Lots of variety in the Assorted Tempura - asparagus, sweet bell peppers, shrimp, zucchini, yam, broccoli, and mushrooms in a light crisp tempura batter, served with tangy gingery sauce to cut the grease from the deep fryer.

We had a maki special roll come out next - Unagi Sugata maki. A well seasoned maki roll is stuffed with thin cucumber slices, capelin roe, little crispy bits of tempura and topped with avocado and a piece of grilled unagi.

The Unagi was moist, tender, and slightly smokey-savory good, balanced with a slightly sweet terriyaki sauce it was glazed with

Some would argue that Chicken katsu is an appetizer, but Wa's does it so well, I could eat several plates of chicken katsu and call it a day! Bite sized pieces of chicken are lightly battered and deep fried to a flavorful crisp exterior and super tender moist chicken morsel inside. Amazing! It didn't really need the slightly spicy dipping sauce it came with. Nom!

Its so tasty, it deserves a second look! These were my boyfriend's fav

The Sake Shioyaki, or grilled salmon belly skewers were heavenly! Creamy, fatty, rich and just a bit of sea salt to bring out the inherent sweetness of fresh salmon, with a crisp charcoal kissed skin. My fav of the night!

We also ordered a few Anago sushi nigiri to try, and surprised out waitress when we knew the difference between anago and unagi.

Moist, succulent with a hint of smokiness on perfectly seasoned rice. Mmmm!

Wait there's more! We randomly picked out a bunch of sushi nigiri and it was arranged nicely on a large platter that ate up all our remaining table space

We had a nice sweet-savory sesame filled Inari, a well executed sweet egg Tamago, creamy Tuna, fresh Saba and Salmon sushi nigiri

The salmon sushi nigiri stole the show. Finger length in size, these little bites had dreamy fresh sweet salmon that just melted in your mouth with a hit of sweetness and rich fatty creaminess. Mmmmmmmmm!!!

Here's a close up of the large sweet scallop alongside the yummy salmon sushi nigiri

And we finished with an order of Tekka maki stuffed full of creamy fresh tuna and served with no wasabi to let the tuna shine.

There was only three of us, so we packed a nice big box of leftovers for my cousin to devour as a late night snack later. With our lots of yummy food in our bellies, and a bit to bring home as well, Wa's shows that time and time again that they have the best sushi in Calgary. Gochisosama deshita!

Wa's Japanese
1721 Centre St N, Calgary, AB T2E
Phone (403) 277-2077
Hours Lunch: Tue-Sun Noon-2pm, Dinner: Tue-Sun 5pm-10pm
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