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Food is our passion.. sourcing ingredients, cooking and creating things in the kitchen *insert evil laughter* and of course the eating part!  woohoos!

This blog is here mainly for my fellow foodies to put up all the good (and not so good) places to grab a bite with friends, special occasion places and of course, the hole in the wall and hidden culinary gems in the cities we live in, and travel to... and hopefully we can avoid the eateries that are pitiful and dine at ones where the chefs are amazing, service is awesome and of course - the food the food the food is center stage.

We review all restaurants anonymously to better maintain the integrity of the reviews and to keep them bias free. Sometimes we feel like we need the mission impossible theme playing in the background while we snap furtive photos.. thankfully there's an increasing popularity of people doing food *dootdoot dodo dootdoot dodoo..*

We stay anonymous as we return to update reviews every few months to give time for restaurants to tweak and iron out the kinks. Unless the food and service was truly atrocious, we give most eateries 3 tries before they're awarded a failing grade.

Will try to get pictures up as much as we can... pictures just don't look as nice when they're reduced to crumbs on our plates... and what's a food blog if its missing the food porn?!

Ps - drop us a comment or email if you like us or have some beef.. mmm.. beef :) Team
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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or suggestions...or places to review!