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I'm a restaurant owner and I want to review us!
At, we pay for our own meals and do not accept payments to ensure a high level of journalistic integrity. Any gift certificates we have always have given away to our loyal readers in contests. As we've had more and more requests to review restaurants, we're going to give back to the community with the help of the restaurants we review! We're proud to launch the Feed Your City campaign where if you're a restaurant owner that wants us to review your food first, when you give back to the community by making a donation to Food Banks Canada, and not only will we review your restaurant first, your restaurant will be recognized for your generosity on your review! More details below!!

Are you a new and upcoming restaurant, or want to gain some extra exposure by having the crew review your restaurant?  Let us know about you!  As we review all restaurants anonymously, we have an exclusive "places to review next" list which we'll put your restaurant on.  It may be a few weeks, it maybe a few months, but we'll get to you as we receive many requests, and we eat out on our own dime.

Operation: Feed Your City!!
I want to review us sooner and I don't want to wait!
If you'd like us to review your restaurant sooner, you can "cut in" to the front of our list by donating a minimum of $50 (all monies will be donated to Food Banks Canada).  We'll move your restaurant to the head of our list, your restaurant will get reviewed within a month, and you give back to the community!!!  For every $1 donated, Food Banks Canada buys and shares $8 worth of food.
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How it works:
1) Click on the donate button below and you'll be redirected to paypal where you can safely and securely donate by paypal or credit card. (No cheques or cash)
2) Donate a minimum of $50 (or double your entree price). Make sure you tell us in the comment section
-restaurant you're representing
-a contact email we can reach you at
3) You'll receive a confirmation email from us within 2 business days stating we've received the donation and to confirm we have reviewers in the area that can review your restaurant within a one month time frame.
4) You'll see a review from us online within a month!

Common Questions:
What if I donate less than $50?
You're giving back to the community as any donation less than $50 will go towards our goal of raising $500 by the end of the year. We'll be posting a copy of receipts from Food Banks Canada for batch donations.

How do I know the money will be donated?
All money is donated after we confirm by email we have scheduled your restaurant for a review within a one month timeframe.  Unless otherwise requested, we will do batch donations every 2 months or every $100 donated.  We will post the tax receipts form teh batch donations on our website.

What happens if there is a scheduling conflict and there are no reviewers in my area?
We'll do our best to accommodate restaurant review requests.  In the event we cannot send someone out to your restaurant within a month, we'll let you know in the initial email we send you and work out something.  We will refund your money in the event that we are unable to fulfil your request.