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Wednesday 2 September 2015

Gama Cafe, Edmonton, A - new location, tasty desserts and buttery foam topped tea!

With the summer days being deliciously warm, we went a few times to Gama Cafe to pick up drinks to cool off and desserts in the evening.  Noone wants to stay inside on a warm muggy summer day and chillaxing in Gama's new location with chic boutique look and feel is just the ticket.  They've even taken the buttery foam they put on their gama teas and incorporated it into desserts and thick toast (think French toast but better!) They have hot food like risotto and pasta now too, but we've always went for drinks and dessert since they opened, even when they were at their original location, so...onto the drinks and dessert!
We started off with a round of Green Cap tea - its slightly sweetened green tea served on ice and topped with a buttery rich and slightly salty foam and a sprinkle of green matcha powder that complements the green tea and transforms it into a yummy treat.  Gama was was first to bring this type of tea to North America from Taiwan, so they know what they're doing... even if the drink resembles a glass of beer! Mmmm!

My brother went with the Matcha Red Bean drink which he thought was nicely sweetened, fluffy and filling.

The Earl Grey Latte was disappointing as there was next to no Earl Grey flavor - they would need to ultra steep the tea or add in bergomot oils as the current rendition tastes mainly of watered down milk.

We also shared some desserts, first being the Tommi Toast - think super fluffy light thick french toast cubes, all lightly crispy on all sides, then top with a mountain of whipped cream and other toppings... yum! We started off just ordering the Kakigori or Matcha Tommi Toast and loved it so much we ordered the Strawberry Castle Tommi Toast too! We liked the matcha one more as the cool green tea icecream along with the hot crispy fluffy toast cubes paired with a generous dallop of the lightly salted butter foam was phenomenal.

The Strawberry Castle Tommi Toast we found to be on the sweeter side and was served with vanilla icecream. We polished this one off in record time too.

We were getting pretty full, but we had to have some Gama Cafe pancakes before we left. Its more accurate to call them stuffed cakes as they are cooked in a hot mold and filled with stuffing of your choice.

We had pipping hot melting gold and taro Gama Pancakes - the melting gold didn't have as much salted duck yolk in the sweet creamy custard as they have had in the past, but it was still tasty, and there was lots of soft fluffy sweetened taro inside the taro pancake.

Super stuffed, we strolled out to do a it of shopping, people watching on Whyte afterwards. Summer never lasts long in Edmonton!

Gama Cafe
Address 10813 82Avenue, Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 438-2382
Hours Sun-Thurs noon-11pm, Fri-Sat noon-midnight
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