I've had lots of folks and friends ask me "ooooh.. I want that!" or "where did you buy that?!" or "you use it so it must be good!"...

Well... we've had a lot of duds and epic fails in terms of kitchen equipment over the years, so I've made a list of things that actually made my life easier (the large majority won't burn a hole through your wallet). I'll pop items and tools on here as our team accumulates (and they pass our vigorous real life tests) in our kitchens... some of the categories are quite large, so click on the main categories to see subcategories and explore!

And I've got a list for those foodies that are hard to buy for... save you from pillaging your brain when its a birthday, anniversary or holiday season!

The list connects you with Amazon so you can purchase things easily (and lazily woohoo!) Enjoy! :D

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