Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Weekend breakfast brunch thin crust pizza with eggs, capicollo, pancetta, mozzarella cheese and sweet onions!

I love weekend brunches.. whether its getting together with friends for a brunch potluck (see our EYC brunch series here!), heading out to nosh on a lazy brunch, or rolling out of bed after a nice sleep in and tossing something together in the kitchen... its a glorious meal time!  The last few weekends, I've been tossing together thin crust pizzas and here's one of the winners: a thin crust pizza topped with warm melty oogey gooey cheese, and all the elements of breakfast: pancetta stepping in for bacon, a hit of capicollo as ham and or course... nice and runny sunny side up eggs! Soooo awesome as breafast, brunch or heck whenever you want! Read on for the recipe...

Monday, 2 March 2015

Super fast and easy scratch roasted tomato sauce recipe and roasted garlic recipe the, perfect for pizzas, pastas...

I was hankering for some freshly baked pizza a few weeks back, so after picking up some fresh pizza dough balls from the Italian Market (available every Friday and Saturday morning - frozen ones easily defrost overnight in the fridge if they run out of the fresh stuff), I made a quick batch of scratch roasted tomato sauce to use on making pizzas on the weekend for brunch!

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

One day in Augsburg, Germany: Stadtmarkt farmer's market and Augsburg Rathaus, then Legoland! (Part 1)

On our way to Germany's Legoland, we stopped off in Augsburg for some food, farmer's market-ing and sight seeing. Augsburg is the third largest city in Bavaria and Germany's third oldest city, being founded in 15BC and named after the Roman emperor Augustus.

Monday, 23 February 2015

Braised abalone with dried scallops, recipe and how to clean and prep fresh/frozen abalone

Last Christmas, I had splurged and bought a bunch of flash frozen fresh abalone on the half shell.  Did a lot of reading up on how to make them as well as asking local chefs since these buggers are expensive.  I was planning to braise them, and was told while the dried abalone is easier to work with and imparts a more intense savory unami flavor, it would take days to braise, while the fresh abalone only takes minutes to cook and has a lighter fresh from the ocean briney unami flavor.  Abalone is a prized mollusc for its thick, meaty and deliciously savory flavor that is simular to geoduck.  Its texture after braising is similar to a thick slice of cooked portabello mushroom, but with a deep earthy shellfish flavor.  You can steam them, slice them thin and fry them, but I'm planning to braise them :) Anyhoos, here goes with a step by step of how to clean and prep fresh/frozen abalone on the half shell...

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Cheese Factory Edmonton, AB - back again for the best poutine, fresh squeaky cheese curds and cervapi in Edmonton!

We were craving something savory, something salty and we ended up back at the Cheese Factory for the the best poutine, fresh squeaky cheese curds and cervapi in Edmonton! We've been here lots - have noshed through most of their menu, and here are some past posts: Galvaude poutine and cervapi, and a lot of their menu tried here! Onto the foooood!