Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Shrimp, lemon and peas quinoa risotto recipe - surprisingly tasty and healthy to boot!

I'm ashamed to admit it... I ran out of rice and I'm too lazy to go out to Chinatown or the Italian Market and lug a bag home.  But I was craving risotto like crazy! So what's a gal to do? Since I had plenty of quinoa (a nutty high fibre and protein grain), I figured I'd give making risotto with quinoa a whirl and I'm happy to say while its nowhere near as creamy as a risotto made with rice (and uses far less broth than a regular risotto)... its nuttiness adds a nice flavor and its tasty enough on its own I'd definitely make it again.  So here we go! 

Monday, 8 September 2014

Nitza's Pizza, St Albert, AB - Making tasty pizzas, donair pizzas and more for 20+years

While running errands out in Morningville - such a pretty quaint little town! We stopped in St Albert to have dinner before heading home. We hit up a local fav - Nitza's Pizza.  Its busy busy on a Wednesday night at 7pm.  You can see partially into the open kitchen with large ovens flanking the back wall and its a casual cafeteria style order up and pickup... or take out - there was a near steady stream of delivery staff coming and going.  The decor isn't fancy.. its like stepping 20 years back in time and you're a kid again, with painted cartoons on the windows, and instead of feeling dated, the pizzeria exudes a quirky old school charm.  Staff are super friendly and make you feel right at home. On to the food!

Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Pork and shrimp wontons and wonton soup recipe

This recipe is perfect for fall and winter days and stuff.. and they're a bit of work, but when you got a craving, you gotta make them.. and make them I dids!  I ended up doubling the recipe and tossed the painstakingly time consuming (I am sooo slow at pinching dumplings!!!) little parcels of deliciousness onto a cookie sheet, freezing them solid and then transferring into a few ziplock bags so they don't stick together and I can enjoy them later when it'll be cold and miserable out and really weather appropriate food.  Hopefully it'll be long enough for me to run out of them by the time I forget how long it takes to spoon filling, egg wash and seal edges is... its just like making perogies.. try to get some friends or family involved so you have more hands to help make these tasty morsels!

Monday, 1 September 2014

Fifendekel Pie Shop Cafe Edmonton, AB - tasty sandwiches and fresh baked pies

On a Saturday morning, we were in the south part of the city running errands, so we dropped by into the sunlight drenched Fifendekel Pie Shop Cafe for lunch and pies.. and they should know their pies.. they've been baking them since 1983!  They have huge glass windows that let in plenty of light so its bright and cheerful inside the cafeteria style eatery... onto the foooood! (and pie!)

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fast and easy crustless mini or full sized spinach, ham, bacon, vegetarian quiche! Perfect for breakfast, brunch, entertaining or snacks! (Low fat too!)

I'll tell you a little secret - I have a soft spot for quiches.  I know its just a simple mixture of eggs, choice of vegetables or breakfast meats/seafood a splash of milk and baked into morsels of perfection... and I love eating them for snacks, noshing on them for breakfast or brunch... or sneaking a few here and there at functions off the appetizer table. Mmmm!  While quiche is normally made with the eggy goodness poured into a pastry shell, this recipe makes a much more waist-line forgiving version as it doesn't call for the fat laden pastry shell.. its crustless or crust free quiche!  I like making mini quiches in a good quality non-stick muffin pan, but you can easily make it a full sized meal quiche by making it in a 9x13 well greased pan.