Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Best ultimate gluten free chocolate fudge bean brownies recipe - you won't believe how healthy they are!

It sounded like food sacrilege to add beans to brownies.  But there's plenty of awesome recipes out there that have zucchini added to cakes and muffins, squash or pureed yams/sweet potatoes to muffins and pies... so why not something we usually put into chilis or soups?  After lots of sweltering baking sessions this summer (lookit what I sacrifice for you wonderful readers!)... here's the most guilt free chocolate fudgey brownie you'll ever sink your teeth into with blissful disbelief.

Monday, 29 September 2014

Kam Do Bakery Richmond, Vancouver BC – best sweetheart cakes and Chinese pastries!

I love Vancouver... the food, culture, people.. food... :D
And Its not a trip to Vancouver without a quick stop at Kam Do Bakery to pick up a couple of tasty salty/savory and/or sweet pastries to nosh on the plane and take back home.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Ultimate Slow cooker or Crock pot BBQ Ribs recipe.. super insanely easy!

I know, its still summer(ish) and BBQ season is still in full swing... why on earth am I posting a slow cooker or crockpot recipe for ribs when folks are happy to be out and firing up the grill?  Well, its primarily for those folks that:
a) don't have time to BBQ
b) don't have space for a BBQ
c) want to have an easy, brainless, hassle free meal ready in a few hours with very little work
d) they have crazy schedule and/or kids and, well, see above reasons

This recipe essentially involves:
1) Rubbing the ribs with seasonings and tossing it into the slow cooker/crockpot for a few hours
2) Boil and baste the ribs with sauce
3) Finish off ribs under the broiler to imitate an upside down BBQ in your house... with total hands on prep time = 20-30min tops (including broiling time).

And... 4) the BBQ sauce is KILLER... I wanted to share it so you can feel free to use it on ribs you plan on actually BBQ'ing or, you know, for this easy peasy recipe :)
Heck, this recipe is so easy, you might just cheat on your trusty BBQ and make these super tender ribs only using the slowcooker/crockpot and oven from now on... or save this gem for the winter when you really don't feel like bundling up outside to BBQ and have a taste of BBQ happiness all year round!

Monday, 22 September 2014

Café Bicyclette Edmonton, AB - tasty beef tartar and French onion soup

A few months back LL's birthday, we hit up Cafe Bicyclette for dinner.  Its located on the lower level of the building, with a convenient parking lot right next to it.  What a difference a bit of paint does - the space is brighter and seems more open than the previous restaurant Bistro la Persaud, transforming the sombre and dimly lit interior to a welcoming rustic bistro.  Onto the food!

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Oven roasted Broccollini recipe - super easy, healthy and tasty side dish!

I love broccoli, so when I discovered broccollini - a thinner stemmed, sweeter, milder and elongated version of broccoli a few years ago, it was instantly added to the dinner menu whenever it was in season.  Lightly steamed, blanched or my fav - oven roasted.  Its so easy and nomnomnom, you'll smack yourself and ask yourself why on earthy you haven't tried this sooner... and since its mild and sweet tasting from natural sugars developing as it roasts, the kids will love it too!