Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Tasty sushi rolls at Misato Sushi Grill, Calgary, AB - yummy sashimi too!

Misato Sushi - translates into "beautiful village", and is run by Chef Sunny K. Nakajima, who trained in Japan, worked in Calgary, opened up a sushi restaurant in Vancouver, and returned to Calgary to open up Misato Sushi Grill in 2003.  My fiancé and his family hit them up for a family supper and were not disappointed! Sashimi is fresh, and though there was plenty of appetizers choices to be had, the stars of the show at Misato is the multitude of tasty sushi rolls.  The lobster roll is a special, and if you see it, it is a must have as it is just bursting with lusciously moist tasty chunks of lobster!

Monday, 26 January 2015

One day in Bamberg, Germany - Schlenkerla, pretzels, Leberkäse, farmer's market, traditional foods and the sites of an UNESCO world heritage city! (Part 2)

After a delicious meal and plenty of their famous Schlenkerla smoked beer and a good sleep the night before when we arrived in the picturesque medieval UNESCO World Heritage city, we woke up early and were excited to explore the city! Henry II, the Duke of Bavaria, became King of Germany in 1007 and he untended Bamberg to become a "second Rome", which explains why there are a multitude of churches and palaces in this cobblestoned city built on seven hills.  Since we only had a half day here before driving to Augsburg, Fussen and into the Alps later on in our 2 week trip of exploring Germany, we hit up most ofhte must see sites, and of course, noshed on tasty traditional food along the way.. discovering the best pretzel place and probably the best place in Germany for delicious Leberkäse!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Roasted garlic parmesan zucchini recipe! Super easy and tasty side dish!

After baking some double chocolate zucchini cupcakes for a baby shower, I had had a big bag of baby zucchinis left over as I had bought 2 large bags in case I ran out when I was making the cupcakes.  So what do you do with extra zucchini, be it languishing in your fridge, dropped off at your doorstep by sneaky-crazy green thumbed neighbours (this happens almost every year in my parent's neighbourhood) or you just plain old have them kicking around, try this super quick and easy recipe for roasted garlic parmesan zucchini. You'd be surprised how easy and tasty *whispers: and healthy* this is!

Monday, 19 January 2015

One day in Bamberg, Germany - Schlenkerla smoked beer, traditional foods and the sites of an UNESCO world heritage city! (Part 1)

We started our "day in Bamberg" backwards, as we arrived in the evening and planned to spend a half day the next day after settling in at the hotel, eating and sleeping.  If you get a hotel in the town, bear in mind even with a really good GPS, there are many super narrow alleys (that look like bike paths), pedestrian only streets, oodles of one-ways.. and make sure your hotel provides parking.  The entire city is an UNESCO World Heritage site, so a lot of times, the parking is a good 15-20 min walk away.  We spent about an hour circling our hotel (it was smack dab in a pedestrian street), drove through (yes through) a backyard patio restaurant, only to have our car 10cm too high to go into the hotel parking garage (we had a small SUV).. backed out of restaurant, and drove to another parking lot 10min away... after lugging the minimal stuff we needed for the night back to the hotel, we were very looking forward to drinking some Schlenkerla smoked beer - what Bamberg is known for and noshing at the original one and only Bamberg Schlenkerla Historischer Brauereiausschank (Address Dominikanerstraße 6
96049 Bamberg)!

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Winnie the Pooh, Piglet and Owl cupcake decorating - fondant/cookie presses for baby showers

Its been a busy season for babies... I've made test batches of cupcakes (and decorating them) prior to the actual baby showers, to the tummy happiness of my friends and neighbours.  So, here's how I made some Winnie the Pooh (and Piglet too) fondant cupcake toppers, as well as a super easy way to decorate cupcakes to look like owls.