Wednesday, 20 May 2015

10 minute lunch or dinner: Spaghetti Vongole or pasta with clams and white wine broth - super simple and easy!

I sometimes make this as a super quick weekend lunch when there's lots of errands to run, or for a fast dinner after a long day of work and I just want something fast, tasty but still healthy and then crawl into bed.  You can make this with any pasta, but I like using Spaghettini or angel hair pasta as its much thinner than Spaghetti, so it cooks faster and absorbs the white wine broth really well. You can take an extra 10 min to clean and cook fresh clams, but on a work night, I make this with a nice big tin or 2 small tins of canned whole clams.This simple dish seriously can be made in 10 minutes, as long as you prep the veggies and open the cans of clams after you start cooking the pasta.

Monday, 18 May 2015

Lucky Season Hotpot Restaurant, Richmond Hill, ON - tasty multi course Chinese dinner with lots of lobster!

Was in Toronto for the Easter long weekend to visit family and to shop for wedding related stuff, so in-between the frantic pace of dress fittings and power-shopping (ladies, you know what that is.. its shopping with a mission which means hitting up several malls a day), we interspersed it with tasty food with the familia!  On one of the nights were were in town, we had a lovely dinner at Lucky Season Hotpot Restaurant. It was previously Lucky Season Cuisine, but is under new management (and slight change of name) with pretty good food and service. On to the feast… and lobsters!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pork, jicama and veggies lettuce leaf wrap recipe - can be made with chicken, beef, tofu...

Its spring! And with the weather (finally?) warm enough to put our flowers, herbs and veggie plants out without fear of a freak snowstorm (then again this is Alberta and we have super fickle weather), it also means its usually getting a bit warm to want to cook in the kitchen. So here's a quick and refreshing recipe that's perfect for when its warm out!Jicama, also known as a Mexican yam/turnip can be found at most Asian or Carribean grocery stores. Its getting so popular that I actually found it at a regular grocery store! The outside waxy and thick fibrous skin is inedible and needs to be peeled off (I hacked it off with a sharp knife as my potato peeler wasn't cutting it (literally!).  Inside is a white, slightly sweet interior. Jicama usually is eaten raw or can be sautéed - regardless if you cook it or not, it retains a crisp refreshing texture similar to biting into a juicy unripened pear and a good source of potassium and vitamin C.  This recipe I was inspired to make after noshing on some lettuce wraps at Congee Queen in Toronto.

Monday, 11 May 2015

Premiere Ballroom & Convention Centre for Chinese dim sum, Richmond Hill, Ontario - yum!

Nope, I wasn't scoping this place out for the wedding. Previously this opulently decked out space was used for weddings and graduations, but under new ownership is a tightly run ship of dim sum deliciousness! (they still do weddings but I"m here for hte dim sum!)  Its a little strange to sit under a nice open ceiling, with ornate gold finishes, murals of French duchesses and dukes while you're having dim sum as it feels like you're having dim sum in a fancy hall in Versaille - its not a bad thing!

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Making a fondant Bubble Guppies themed cake smashing cupcake!

Kimchee's little girl was turning one, and for her celebration, I was baking a cupcake cake for her to smash, smoosh, and generally enjoy making a big tasty mess :D  I borrowed a girlfriend's silicone cupcake mold and used for the first time in my life - prepared cake mix.  It wasn't bad at all and definitely sped things up time wise, but I found the cake-mix cake very soft and easy to shear so had to be ultra careful with it when unmolding and decorating…