Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Banana Gingerbread muffins or loaves with molasses, flax and chai seed- low fat, high fibre and you would have never guessed it recipe!

I have frozen banana gremlins in my freezer. I swear, every time I turn around to pull or put something into the freezer, they reproduce and I'm looking at a ridiculous amount of frozen ripe bananas.. just taunting me.  So, when I saw Kate of Framed Cooks had transformed them into gingerbread mini loaves, it was GAME ON! I subbed out a few ingredients, and added a few more ingredients, and behold, I have another recipe in my belt against the evil scourges of frozen banana gremlins!  Bonus? Its super moist, ridiculously tasty and amazing in time for the holidays (or anytime during the year), low fat, high fibre, sourcae of calcium (naturally from the molasses) and the fiancĂ© didn't even notice the healthiness at all as he stole the crisp muffin tops off a bunch of the muffins as they were cooling and left a swath of "topless" muffins lol!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Village Ice Cream Calgary, AB - I'm screaming for locally made, artisanal, small batch homemade icecream! Yum!!

Billy, the founder of Village Ice Cream was inspired after sitting on his grandmother's porch and eating some locally made huckleberry icecream after a failed motorbike trip from Calgary to Rio de Janeiro.  They're dead set on creating the best tasting ice creams with locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, and using organic ingredients when possible. Floods and -40C weather won't stop us from this ice creaaaaaam! :D

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Hunger Games Cheese stuffed cheese buns recipe.. the hunt is on for the perfect cheese bun recipe!

I crave cheese buns from my childhood.. super light fluffy bread with streaks of cheesey goodness rolled up into them and covered in more cheese... like a cinnamon bun, but replace out all that cinnamon brown sugar goodness with ooey gooey fragrant awesome cheese! So, I'm on the hunt for the recipe that would best reflect my childhood memories of sinking your teeth into the perfect cheese bun... and get some calcium along the way hahaha!I adapted this recipe from Yammie's Noshery mainly cuz I had no idea where to start, and it was the first website that popped up that looked promising after I typed in "cheese stuffed cheese buns" into Google. Thanks Google!  I normally put more research into recipes, but hey, it was a spur of the moment thing, and the cheese buns turned out good - not what I was looking for, but if you imagine the Red Lobster biscuits flavor and stuff it with cheese, you essentially have these cheese stuffed cheese bun flavor profile down pat.  Bonus - it doesn't take forever, though the dough does need proofing time... total prep+baking time.. just over an hour for cheesey stuffed garlic cheese buns!

Monday, 8 December 2014

Villa Maria Italian Ristorante, Calgary, AB - Taste of Italy and you feel like famiglia!

For a recent birthday, we headed to Villa Maria Italian Ristorante as we had heard not only their food was a taste of Italy, the service was phenomenal and you get treated like family... and we weren't disappointed!  This little gem is tucked away on 17th Ave, and they even have free parking *gasp* in the back of the restaurant! (I had to do a double take when I heard they had parking. On 17th Ave! We were greeted (as was anyone) coming into the restaurant by Danny, the owner of Villa Maria, who seems to know all the regulars by name.  Be prepared to laugh, joke and get hugged by Danny.. we happened to come on his birthday and the entire restaurant burst into song for him.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Frankfurt in a day - Apfelwein (apple wine) house and delicious eats at Zum Gemalten Haus vs Apfelwein Wagner Part 5

We started off our walking tour of Frankfurt by fueling up at the best (award 2013) bakery in Germany -  Bäckerei HansS (see previous post with bakery goodies here), continued on with the top Aldstalt (Old Town) sites, churches and Frankfruters (see previous post with what to look for, do and eat), hit up Frankfurt's largest indoor farmer's market: Kleinmarkthalle (see the delicious sausages and eats and more sites here)... and after navigating thru their train, metro and bus system, we rested at the hotel for a bit and then headed off to try out a Apfelwein (apple wine) house!