Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Roasted Brussel sprouts with salmon white wine cream sauce on pasta recipe

Whew, the recipe title is a mouthful… and what a tasty mouthful!  One night I had a bag of Brussel sprouts kicking around, a bit of cream cheese that needed to be used up before it expired, but I had also wanted to have fish to get some healthy omega 3's in.  It was like a Food Network Chopped episode where I had 3 oddball ingredients: brussel sprouts, creme cheese and canned salmon.  I love Brussel sprouts deep fried or roasted to bring out their sweetness.. then it clicked.. roast dem sprouts, make a salmon cream sauce, jazz it up with some white wine and toss it all together with some pasta (gluten free or rice pasta if you swing that way). Beauty. Nom!

Monday, 21 July 2014

Peters' Drive-In Calgary, AB - huge burgers and killer milkshakes.. a taste of tradition!

When I was a kid, I thought Peters' Drive-In was around foreeeeeever! Its been the go to place for huge hamburgers, cheeseburgers and killer milkshakes on every field trip down to Calgary and whenever we we able to wheedle our parents into going while we were in Calgary.  Open since 1962 by a charismatic Gus Pieters - he was passionate about food quality, treated his staff like family and his simple little drive eventually became a quintessential and revered part of the Calgary food scene and is a must try place if you're in town.  If you've never heard of it, you've been living under a rock! 

Though Pieters sadly passed away in 2008, this blast back to the past drive thru burger joint is still run the way Pieters would approved of - never frozen 100% beef chuck patties, Canadian cheese and icecream plus fresh fruit for the milkshakes... and the employees keep a tight running ship making countless burgers, shakes, onion rings and fries to the drive thru line-ups that loop around the building are always present, but its never a long wait to bite into your burger or sip on a delicious shake.  Pieters had always paid his employees well above the average burger flipper wagers, and it shows in the consistency of the food and service.. yes, real service at a burger joint!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mini cheesecake recipe - New York cheesecake, Nutella swirl cheesecake, raspberry and strawberry topped cheesecake and fruit glaze recipe!

I love summer. I love summer fruits.  I hate bathing suit season... who doesn't? But I do love indulging with as little guilt as humanly possible!  So when I had several bricks of cream cheese in my fridge begging to be used up.. it was mini cheesecake making time! Using cupcake/muffin tins to bake these mini cheesecakes not only yield cute little cheesecakes - the smaller portions will let you indulge without the bulge! :D  And since these mini cheesecakes aren't as fussy as making a big cheese cakes - made several variations like New York mini cheesecakes, Nutella swirl cheesecakes, and of course, ones topped with fresh strawberries and raspberries lightly brushed with a clear fruit glaze... let go make some mini cheesecakes!

Monday, 14 July 2014

Oliveto Trattoria Edmonton, AB - tasty Italian seafood specials!

For my birthday a little while ago, we headed to Oliveto's to enjoy and indulge in some tasty Italian fare. Its not our first time, nor will it be our last.. check out our previous dinner reviews: lobster and friday specials, rack of lamb and lotsa pastas, and first dinner here!  Oliveto's usually has a special or two every night with more on fridays and weekends.  Specials are typically priced in the $50 range, but are quite tasty! Onto the food!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Olive tapenade recipe - you can use green olive, black olives, anchovies.. soooo good!

Its funny.. I hate whole olives... but if you chop them up, mince the, puree them... I love them!  And that said, that's probably why I love olive tapenade.   Its basically chopped, minced or pureed olives with capers, anchovies, feta... so many variations to make a delicious salty savory spread that goes well on crackers, crostinis, bread, sandwiches, chicken, fish, lamb... the possibilities are almost endless.  Its gluten free, and you can easily make it vegan... want it more substantial or complex? Add in some feta or random bits of cheese you have kicking around in your fridge or some marinated peppers or artichokes.  Chop it up if you like it chunky, bring out the mini food processor if you're lazy.. and if you like it smooth, you can puree it to a smooth salty savoy nomnomnom!