Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Fast and easy crustless mini or full sized spinach, ham, bacon, vegetarian quiche! Perfect for breakfast, brunch, entertaining or snacks! (Low fat too!)

I'll tell you a little secret - I have a soft spot for quiches.  I know its just a simple mixture of eggs, choice of vegetables or breakfast meats/seafood a splash of milk and baked into morsels of perfection... and I love eating them for snacks, noshing on them for breakfast or brunch... or sneaking a few here and there at functions off the appetizer table. Mmmm!  While quiche is normally made with the eggy goodness poured into a pastry shell, this recipe makes a much more waist-line forgiving version as it doesn't call for the fat laden pastry shell.. its crustless or crust free quiche!  I like making mini quiches in a good quality non-stick muffin pan, but you can easily make it a full sized meal quiche by making it in a 9x13 well greased pan.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Golden Rice Bowl Edmonton, AB - Tasty 8 course traditional Chinese meal

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For a family dinner a while ago, we went to Golden Rice Bowl for a multi-course meal. We had a 10 course meal last time we where here, but this time we were a slightly smaller group so we went with an eight course multi-course set meal instead. (Yes, we showed much restraint lol!) On to the food!!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Taste of Summer fruit smoothies - pineapple and mango!

I refuse to acknowledge the days are getting shorter and cooler.  And to continue my weather obstinacy, here's a bright smoothie recipe with thanks to the global market, we can have a taste of summer fruits year round!  I've used pineapple and mango combo here, but I'll cover a bunch more fruit-fruit, fruit-vegetable combos in a bit.
I'm not a huge fan of putting honey or sugar into my smoothies, but since I do have a sweet tooth, I rely on using sweeter frozen fruits and I toss the liquid from canned packed in water only in to boot.  Always load up your blender with the liquid on the bottom and the frozen items on top... when I tried the opposite way round, it super challenged my mixer and I had to add in a bit of water to get things from moving beyond a block of frozeness to a nice smoothie texture.  Add liquids first, then use frozen fruits/veges to thicken.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Hundred Bar and Kitchen Edmonton, AB - tasty place for tapas and drinks

A few months back during Downtown Dining Week, we hit up Hundred Bar and Grill Edmonton to grab a quick bite of dinner.  Parking as usual downtown is slim with the seemingly endless bits of construction, so head a little bit early before your reservation time so you can factor in parking and hiking to the restaurant time.  The place is bustling with folks getting off work and heading to this open dining area decked out in dark woods, red seating couches to lounge on.. on to the food!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Traditional Chinese Yee Mein noodles with Chinese dried shitake mushrooms recipe

You pronounce this noodle like a coybow.. Yeeeeeee! Its spelled a variety of ways: Yee mein, Yi mein, e-fu noodlesyee-fu noodlesyi noodles, or yifu noodles.  They represent longevity and so are often served during traditional Chinese birthday celebrations, or as one of the last courses of a multi course Chinese wedding meal.  You can find these slighty springy noodles that absorb sauce amazingly (and still stay soft and intact) initially as a nondescript pale poofy "cake-like" round of dried noodles in the refrigerated section of most Chinese grocery stores.  Then you braise it in a rich oyster sauce with savory earthy Chinese black mushrooms and either chives or green onions for an unami savory bowl of noodles you'll crave again and again.