Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Frankfurt in a day - walking tour continued with frankfurters, churches and more! Part 2

We started off our walking tour of Frankfurt by fueling up at the best (award 2013) bakery in Germany -  Bäckerei HansS (see previous post with bakery goodies here and start of tour by the Eiserner Steg -Iron Bridge) and now we're onto part 2 of our walking tour of Frankfurt... Frankfurters, churches and more!

Monday, 17 November 2014

Lucky Place Restaurant Calgary, AB - tasty quick and easy on wallet Chinese lobster lunch!

During a recent jaunt down to Calgary, we met up for lunch with my aunt and cousin for lunch at this little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant. Owned and run by two chefs formerly of Harbour City Restaurant, I would have never have even found this place had it not for my fabulous aunt who keeps tabs on the food scene in Calgary.  Every day, there are $9 and $11 lobster, seafood, noodles and rice lunch specials.. and its big generous plates of food to entice folks to try them out and return for dinner at dinner prices.  Onto the lobster!

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Frankfurt in a day - first stop... Bäckerei HansS, one of the best bakeries in Germany and walking tour of Frankfurt! Part 1!

After an insanely too early morning waking up at 5am to get ready to step off the sleeper train we took from Denmark into Frankfurt around 6am, a hair raising experience navigating through downtown Frankfurt during rush hour (the GPS ever so usefully guided us around in circles or told us to turn much too late for us to cut lanes.. but that's another story).. so after checking into the hotel, we rewarded ourselves by hitting up Bäckerei HansS for breakfast! Since November 01, 1935 , for over 77 years, Bäckerei HansS , a third generation family run bakery has baked bread and pastries, and won best bakery Germany in 2013 (by the magazine "Der Feinschmecker" or The Gourmet).

Monday, 10 November 2014

Big Fish Dockside Seafood Restaurant & Oyster Bar Calgary, A - amazing seafood brunch and eats!

For  recent family brunch, my boyfriend and his family hit up Big Fish Seafood Restaurant and Oyster Bar.  It has an industrial chiq look to it, yet you feel like you just stumped into a down to earth fisherman's diner on the coast.  Its unpretentious, and honestly simply done and well executed seafood.  Chef Chef and co-owner Dwayne Ennest flies around the kitchen making all the food magic happen.  All their seafood options are sustainable seafood as Fish is a member of Vancouver Aquarium's Oceanwise program, although with some advanced notice, vegetarian options can be made as well.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Denmark in a day (or 3!) - Nyhavn Canal, Copenhagen - Heering Restaurant and Bistro Part 5!

In our 5 part series that covered the few days we had eating and exploring Copenhagen, Denmark.. we covered in Part 1 - hotdogs, icecream and snacksPart 2 - Smørrebrøds of Copenhagen - Aamann's and Restaurant Schønnemanns!Part 3 Torvehallerne KBH Farmer's market, Part 4 Andersen Bakery and now.. some delicious eats on the Nyhavn canal! The canal is a quaint 17th-century waterfront used to be packed with sailors, ladies of pleasure, artists, poets, pubs and alehouses.  Now, it boasts tasty restaurants tucked into renovated brightly coloured 17th and 18th century townhouses.  The No. 9, Nyhavn, is the oldest house in the area dating back to 1681, while the locals are proud to boast that Hans Christian Andersen (author of many fairytales still told today) lived in No. 20 for twenty years and No. 18 for two years. On to the food!