Fun Foods!

Fun Foods!
So this is the spot where I can put a listing of fun foods that you can't get a restaurants, but in the comfort of your own home, or at food festivals and carnivals :)

Cariwest Festival 2013
Sun, ginger beer, jerk chicken, music and culture all in one wicked summer festival held every summer in Edmonton.  And lotsa feathers and crazy costumes too!

Calgary's Farmer's Market
Its fresh fruit, veggies, cheese, gelato and all sorts of sweet goodies from local growers, producers, bakers, and artisans. Mmm.. oh and cowboy opera.

Eat Real YYC 2013
What do you get when you round up up and coming as well as old fav food trucks, add in lots of hungry families and tummies? Its Eat Real YYC 2013 edition, bigger, and with more food trucks and yummy stuff than last year! Yee Haaaaaw!

Indulgence 2013

You get one heck of a lot of delish food when you combine over 20 local producers, farmers, artisians, 20+ chefs from restaurants all over town and lots and lots of wineries and microbreweries in an annual showcasing of talent all benefiting multiple charities!

Bacon themed engagement party... aka Baconfest!
For a bacon living girlfriend, we threw a surprise engagement party for her.. complete with bacon wrapped scallops, shrimp, asparagus, pesto chicken... bacon roses, angels on horseback - bacon wrapped oysters, bacon jam, stuffed mushrooms, pho boys, bacon salt finished devilled eggs... and even chocolate bacon skewers for dessert!!

There's maple syrup candy making, snow sculptures, skating, Dutch foods, campfire bannock making and lots more at the annual Febuary long weekend festival that celebrates the Dutch tradition of having lots of family friendly fun outside.  At night, there's fire scuptures display too!

Brainchild of some smart kids at Junior Achievement, they created Urban Mugs - a company that makes cool statement mugs: all hand painted!  But this Mugstache drew me.. maybe its the stache, but come Movemeber, my friends are going to be jealous!! For a limtied time, they're only $5 before shipping!

We can't always be eating out or we'll be as big as 2 houses!  We've had a few weekend potlucks and I kick myself for not having a  camera handy to take pics of the often gourmet and yummy food my friends make!  Here are some yummies from a recent potluck with awesome friends!

Edmonton Cariwest Festival 2012 - A taste of the Caribbean in the heart of the city Sunshine, amazing cultural Carribean festival art and costumes, and plenty of food trucks offering up a taste of the Caribbeans in the heart of Edmonton... whats there not to like?

For Stella's bridal shower, we had a high tea complete with cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon, homemade mini macarons, cupcakes from Fuss, chicken salad stuffed crossaints and more...!  Can't go wrong with more desserts and plenty of bridal shower games :D Recipe for the awesome mini macarons kathychee made included!

Heritage Days 2012
60+ countries and 80+ cultures are represented this year in one of the biggest cultural celebrations yet! Theres lots of food, fun and cultural performances in the year's Heritage Days. Until the next August long weekend, here's the some pics from the first day, first day part 2 and the last day of Heritage Days 2012!

Capital Ex 2012
Its sunny, its rainy, its music and its Carni-food and Rib madness this year at Capital Ex! Foregoing the previous Monster Burger's massive burgers that benefited the local food bank, this year, the food highlight was definitely the RibFest pairing up 5 award winning meat smoking - rib basting - pulled pork - moist brisket - meat lovers' havens with local charities

Calgary Stampede 2012
Calgary Stampede, this time its the 100th anniversary. Along with the rides, the chuckwagon races, and the games, there's the food!!! This year's new food items include battering up and deep frying: veges, pickle slices, wagon wheels, butter chicken sausage, and even deep fried koolaid!

Palestinian Bazaar
Celebrating the cultural richness of Palestinian people and helping raise awareness for, this bazaar includes traditional goods, music, dances, art and of course yummy foods!

Kimchee's pre-wedding snacks, smoked meats and bridal shower treats!
This goes out to my hunnay who's getting hitched!! With lots food we made while we created a scrapbook that spanned close to 20yrs, food at the bridal shower and spa day, and lotsa girly girl stuff. Its tough being a girl! 

Christmas Baking Swap-a-thon!
Whats better than homemade Christmas baking? A LOT of homemade Christmas baking, with a fraction of the work!!! :D We teamed up and did a mass homemade baking swap-a-thon, with lots of warm cookies (ginger snaps, Toblerone shortbread), cupcakes, chocolate, truffles, crumbles, muffins... *takes a breath*, cinnamon bread, pecan brittle, banana apple bread... enough sweets and treats to give satsify any inner child's sweet tooth!! Add so you don't miss out, we've included some tried and true recipes too!

Kinder Happy Hippos!
We found one of our favorite candies in the most unlikely of places... whats you're favorite childhood candy?

Fanny Bay Oysters!
Grab a bucket, shuck, and slurp back these fresh, creamy and rich oysters right on the beach! Colorful language while attempting to shuck the oysters is optional :)

Bacon Popcorn!!!
A marriage between freshly popped super butter popcorn and crisp smoky, salty and savory bacon!

Old Country Market with Goats on the Roof!
Old fashioned fun with a great indoor farmer's market in Coombs, BC, complete with amazing fresh baked breads, candied salmon, ice cream and the cute and completely shameless goats on the roof that stroll up to you as you nosh on freshly baked goods and other tasty fare!

This year there's a whackload more deep fried stuff: picles, koolaid, wagonwheels... along with staple favs: super jumpo applwood smoked turkey legs, fried cheese, fried mac 'n cheese, and mini donuts!

Calgary Stampede 2011
Dipping dots, colossal onions, super jumbo applewood smoked turkey legs, deep fried cheese, elephant ears.. the list of fairground foods go on and on... we tried a few new additions this year.. including a delectable double smoked bacon on a stick.
Edmonton Capital Ex
Home of the Monster Burger (1kg beef patty with 1/2lb bacon, spiced cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and fried onions with a chipotle mayo on pagnotta bread.. surprisingly quite yummy!), hot vanilla cakes, mini donuts.. all the sweet, deep fried and indulgent fairground foods you can think of before you get onto the rides...mmmm!  So if you didn't get enough carnival/ fairground foods at Calgary's Stampede, you can get it at Capital Ex for 2 weeks more when the fair moves up north 300km shortly after Stampede is over.

Heritage Days 2011
The big daddy of all food festivals - with over 50 food and cultural tents representing along with cultural performances - and supporting the local food bank hosted in a huge park next to the Saskachewan River. Beauty. Now go eat!

Heritage Festival 2011 Day 2 of 3
With over 50 food and cultural tents, we had to come back as there is no way you can visit and eat thru all of them!  A peek of what our eyes and tastebuds experienced on day 2 of Heritage Festival!

 Heritage Festival 2011 Day 3 of 3
The final and last day of Heritage Days!  A photo essay of our last stroll through this wonderful festival that celebrates over 80 cultures and of course, their unique flavors and traditional foods

Supersized Giant Marshmallows

You know how marshmallows fluff up and seem to grow to 3x its size when you roast them? Well.. these marshmallows start at 3x the regular marshmallow.. and totally tower over them.  makes awesome inside out smores... or just plain fun to roast a supersized marshmallow!!
Amish friendship "bread"
Okay, its technically a pudding cake baked in a loaf pan... but all you start out with is a dough slurry starter in a ziplock bag that you feed and mush until its time to bake.  Its simple... just don't attempt to bake and give your friends a finished loaf and starter.. its easier to just stick with the instructions and give them a bag of the goop.  Just try to smother the evil gleam in your eye as you pass it on... :D