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Monday 1 August 2011

Heritage Festival 2011 Edmonton, AB - Last day at Heritage Days!

On the final day of the Heritage festival, with cooling gusts of wind, fluffy clouds and warm sunshine, we head off again to eat some of the 80+ cultures represented today at Hawrelak Park.
After noshing on a tasty falafel at the Israel tent, we sauntered off towards the Indian tent for some currrrry!  Butter chicken, channa masala and a samosa atop of a bed of white rice made up one of the combo plates. The butter chicken was yummy, but sadly with only one small piece of chicken.  The channa massala (chickpeas) had a spicy bite, and the vegetarian samosa was full of fluffy seasoned potato encased in a crisp crunchy dough.

We still had an appetite for more food, so we headed over to the Bangladesh tent.  Along the way, we saw an ingenious marvel of engineering - a musical machine powered by an air bellow, complete with a pipe organ, drums, and literally, bells and whistles.
The air bellow is worked by none other than old fashioned elbow grease!
The sunny idyllic day was perfect for families to enjoy the last day of the long weekend

At the Bangladesh tent, we had a wonderfully aromatic plate of chicken biryani with seasoned spicy rice.
Running low on food tickets, we head towards the ticket booths, and encounter "Miss, Information" at her mis-information booth, confounding hapless people and inciting bursts of laughter.
We stopped off for a meat roll at the Sri Lanken tent - a deep fried dough with a potato-ey soft fluffy interior wrapped around a bit of minced seasoned meat
Not everything costs tickets or money at this festival... you can get a free hug close to the Iran tent
We finished off our afternoon with patatas bravas with cilantro alioli salsa - thin freshly fried potato chips with an intensely refreshing cilantro salsa-like relish to dunk in.. delish!
Heritage Days isn't complete without dessert!  We cue up in a ridiculously long line up at the Churros stand for a Rellero - a large churro, hollowed out and injected with either manjar - a traditional caramel like filling, or a chocolate filling.  They sold out of the manjar, so we went with the chocolate syrupy filling.
It was like eating a fresh chocolate dipped donut. Nom!
Hope you've had fun this Heritage Festival! Until next year... you can check out the food and fun we had on Heritage Day #1, and Heritage Day #2... and if you haven't ever experienced Heritage Days... we'll see you next year!

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