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Wednesday 31 August 2011

Mon Ami Gabi, Las Vegas - Awesome patio and simply yummy food

Rating Service 8.5/10, Food 7.5/10
After a long night of partying, we slept in.. heehee, well, we're on vacation, that's okay!  We strolled out to Paris where the Mon Ami Gabi's patio caught our eye.  With a front and center view of Bellagio's fountains, little finches flitting about and plenty of shade from the mid-day sun and set against Paris' cool stone architecture, we made a beeline to the patio.  The interior was quite nice too with dark tables, white linen set amongst beautiful old archways - but the weather was wonderful and not too windy, so the patio it was!  The service was friendly and helpful, though they may have been short staffed the day we went as our excellent waiter was practically sprinting from table to table.

the FOOD
Basking in the sun, we felt lazy and ordered some drinks while our food orders went to the kitchen. There was a bit of a wait - but this was a leisurely brunch, so we didn't mind. We watched the cars go by, chatted, sipped, and slipped a few bread crumbs to the family of finchs flying around the tables - they were grateful, as were we - they didn't poop on us or our table!
First on the menu was a plate of garlicy buttery escargots (no pic), then a crepe with chicken, gruyere cheese, baby greens, baby pickles and oddly.. Dijon mustard. The savory crepe was soft and tender, enveloping the melted cheese and lightly seared chicken. The baby pickles tasted better separate rather than part of the crepe, and the dijon mustard worked well with the chicken if you wanted an extra punch of flavor.  The salad greens weren't dressed, so we used the Dijon as dressing as we ate most of the crepe before we realized we could have stuck the greens inside the crepe. Whoops.

Next up was the fresh trout which came swimming in lemon butter, capers, croutons and steamed green beans.. also bathed in butter. Butter, butter and more buttaaaa! Mmmmm. The trout was filleted and cooked to a moist fork tender with bits of fresh lemon pulp peeking out here and there.  The presentation was a bit lacking, but the food simply and executed well.  It surprisingly lacked a starch - a light rice pilaf or risotto would have rounded out things nicely.  Still, it left me plenty of room for dessert!

If you're at a French restaurant, you'd be amiss to not have a crepe based dessert. After all the buttery goodness from the trout entree, we skip on the crepes Suzette (butter caramel sauce with fruits in a crepe) and have their special - a fresh warm crepe enveloping seared and brandied peaches, with an addictive made in house vanilla bean ice cream, topped with macerated raspberries, creme fresh and a raspberry and peach reduction. Hooooo. I'm in love.  We were tempted to order a second one rather than sharing.. but we were quite full and waddled off to walk off the delightful brunch, and planned out what shows to watch after shopping! See the Sold Out Shows in Las Vegas! has tickets.

Don't miss out on their dessert crepes and lounging on their patio... soo yummy and relaxing!

Mon Ami Gabi
Paris Las Vegas, 3655 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV89109
Phone (702) 944-4224
Hours Mon-Fri 7am-11pm, Sat 7am-midnight, Sun 7am-11pm, Weekend Brunch 11am-4pm
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