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Thursday 1 September 2011

Greenberg's Delicatessen Las Vegas - best reuben sandwich and potato salad ever!

Food 8/10
This little deli hidden inside New York New York's Greenwich Village inside their casino has a special place in my heart. They are no nonsense and down to earth. If you want a great sandwich, this is where you go. Though I enjoy Carnegie deli, the Las Vegas version is a gargantuan serving of meat. I prefer my sandwiches stuffed, but where I can still pick up said sandwich.. and then bury my face into it :D  Service is quick and cafeteria style.  Seating is limited in general - the deli is very very cozy and only has 2-3 tables, with a few tables outside where you can sit next to trees, old school street lights.. or a decorative fire hyrant on the cobblestone street.

To be honest, I have no idea what was in this club sandwich - it was something a staff recommended, and it was delicious! The meat was moist, succulent and sooooo tasty! Laced with plenty of sauce, ripe tomato slices, lettuce, crisp bacon and cheese between freshly baked bread... this was an epic sandwich.  The potato salad is a timeless classic, creamy and oh so satisfying. I kept eating the potato salad long after I was super full because its so tasty, yet so simple.  Oh, and their pickles are good too, but I rarely have room for the crisp crunch cukes.

And to the meat of the matter - the best Reuben... this is it. Its not super pretty, but it is out of this world.  I couldn't pull it apart for a better picture without taking a bite out of it heehee! Freshly baked rye bread is buttered and toasted and a huge joint of smoked meat is pulled out of a bath, shaved to order and the still steaming hot meat is piled to a teeter tottering mountain of at least 2 inches high, before its topped with a huge scoop of homemade savory and slightly tangy sauerkraut, and topped with Swiss cheese, a river of thousand island dressing and mustard if you like.  Its served with a giant pickle and a scoop of potato salad. Nommy nom nom... sandwich bliss!  After getting fuelled up, its time to get cheap tickets for shows! See the Sold Out Shows in Las Vegas! has tickets.

If you haven't tried their sandwiches, potato salad or their matzo ball chicken soup, you better the next time you're in Las Vegas! (or I'll eat your sandwich wheee!).

Greenberg's Delicatessen
New York New York, 3790 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV89109
Phone (702) 740-6969
Hours 7am-3am 7 days a week
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KimHo said...

Spelling matters: Reuben sandwich!!! (There are other "issues" but let's just say this was the eye popping one!). said...

whoopsie! Thanks Kimho... I forgot to spell check this before I set it on auto publish.. heehee.. late nite post :P

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