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Monday 26 September 2011

Bacon popcorn and bacon chapstick... bacon bacon bacony goodness!

Mmmm... what's better than the smell of freshly popped buttered popcorn or crispy smokey bacon? How about both of them together?!  Yup yup! Couldn't wait to toss this combination into the microwave as soon as I saw it on the grocery shelves.

Into the microwave... the unpopped bag was super scented with the rich scent of bacon

Whoops.. need to flip it over, so I "don't burn my bacon"

Give it a quick shake while doing the hot-popcorn-bag-in-hands-dance...

the anticipation...

As I poured the popcorn into a large bowl, a huge cloud of salty-smokey bacony popcorn scent blanketed my kitchen. Sniiiiiifff! Mmmmmm!

Buttery and covered in little red speckles of bacon, this popcorn was addictively good... the bowl disappeared within minutes. The only drawback was it had a slight artificial aftertaste.

And to finish off this bacony snack, we had also picked up a bacon flavored chapstick. Yup... finally, a chapstick for guys, for the manly man! And you can give your mate a bacon tasting smoochie!
Where can you get your hands on some of this baaaaacony bacon bacon goodness? We loved the concept and fun factor of this bacon popcorn so much, and we got over 10,000 hits this month... we're gonna give a box away!!  Just leave a comment on this post if you'd like to be entered into a draw for a box of bacon popcorn! Don't forget to put in an email so we can contact you if you're the lucky winner!  We'll pick a lucky bacon fan on Oct 31, 2011! :D  If you haven't already, make sure you like us on Facebook!


M Zamorano said...


hamichee said...

An ode to Bacon in the tune of Aladdin's a whole new world:

When I see you in my pan,
sizzling, tantalizing wonder!
Crisp onto my plate you slide...
so I can go on a baaaaaacon ride!

Your scent tantalizes and teases,
as you spit and sputter.
A familiar and savory smell weaves,
like toast is to buuuuutter.

Its a bacon wooooorld!
A yummy and fantastic taste!
Who would have ever guessed,
that this simple smoked porkiness...
would take you to a sublime baaacon fest!

Its a bacon world....
Its a fantastic taste...
For can't you see...
its perfect for you and my tummmmy!

baCON artist said...

Whenever I hear those 5 letters forming that magical word, I forget everything else. I mean, who does not love the smoky salty (yet slightly sweet) crunch that coats our tongue and arteries, and the lingering smoke in the kitchen that comes after cooking bacon as it refuses to leave despite hours of incense burning. It is bacon who will decide when to leave you, not the other way around.

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