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Wednesday 28 September 2011

Fanny Bay Oysters, Fanny Bay BC - smooth creamy and oh so fresh oysters.. once you shuck the suckers!

A bucket of sweet, smooth, creamy fresh oysters...
The catch? You have to open them yourselves. So after buying a bucket of these fresh oysters, as they sat there so stoically... we brought a shucking knife, and borrowed some gloves. We couldn't wait to slurp up these sweet morsels.

After a few false starts, curses and muttered threats, we finally got the trick of sliding the knife in and twisting it just so, so the oyster pops open to reveal its delicate culinary treasure inside...
Sweet Success!!
You can't get much fresher than shucking freshly harvested oysters right on the beach. We rinsed them off with some handy bottles of water, and slurped them down with gutso! These oysters were super, rich and creamy and had a strong seawater aftertaste... I think we didn't rinse out enough of the seawater.. whoops lol! And so begins our oyster odyssey... I'm so questing these oysters out in and around Vancouver for the remainder of our trip! Soooo good! *SLURP!*

Fanny Bay Oysters
7480 Island Hwy, Fanny Bay, BC V0R 1W0
Phone (250) 335-2323
Hours Summer hours: 9am to 6pm everyday from April-October, Winter hours: 10am to 6pm everyday from November-March
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