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Sunday 25 September 2011

Old Country Market in Coombs, BC - fresh breads, candied salmon, icecream and goats on the roof!

During our road trip through BC, we had to stop at the very touristy "Goats on the Roof"... well, because they did have goats on the roof! LOL!

They also had an open air Farmer's market close by, so following the signs, we head on in..

The first thing we smelled and saw was a glorious table full of freshly baked bread. Its impossible not to have your mouth water at the sight of this bountiful mountain of freshly baked bread!

After slicing up a loaf to share at a nearby bread slicer... after one bite of this still warm, tender, melt in your mouth yummmmmmy cheese filled bread, we headed straight back and got a loaf each! Nomnomnom! Go early, or they sell out!

This baker also made a variety of stuffed breads, pastries, rolls and flatbread pizzas... our eyes and the bakery loaded tables were definitely bigger than our stomachs!

Next up was a taste of candied salmon. Preserved by curing in sugar or maple syrup, these pieces of fish had most of its "fishy" flavor masked by the curing process.  The first was a sugar cured salmon - this piece was very dense, almost dry interior with a honey like glaze 

The second piece of candied salmon we tried was a Maple salmon nugget. This nugget of candied salmon had a hint of maple, and was firmer and drier than the sugar cured candied salmon, again, with only a trace of salmon flavor.

We found some interesting items as well - this looked like what seemed to be a can of sardines... but they were actually chocolate! My type of fish! LOL!

And PINK super large marshmallows! Part of me cringed at the pink, but hey, I'm sure they made many little girls happy this summer when they got to roast not only super sized marshmallows.. but pink super sized marshmallows!

And for my monkey loving friends, this one's for you... why have plain toast, when you can have Monkey Toast? :D

We finished off our farmer's market jaunt with some icecream! We picked two flavors our of the 69 available ones, and settled on a combo of a scoop of Saskatoon berry pie and a scoop of mango icecream.  The mango icecream was disappointingly very artificial, though the Saskatoon berry icecream (scoop on the top) had lots of frozen Saskatoon berries and much much tastier. The icecream though not super creamy or rich, was nice and light inside a freshly made crisp vanilla-y waffle cone. The cone was neatly rolled up at bottom to reinforce it and fight against the plague of leaky bottoms!

I think the goats wanted some icecream too... they kept on walking up like they owned the place...and would walk right up to you if you're holding an icecream cone while you "chilled"  (heehee!) at a small grassy area with tables. So bring the family, kick back, relax, and have a giggle at the goats on the roof... and nosh on a couple of homemade treats at the Old Country Market in Coombs, BC!

Old Country Market in Coombs, BC
2310, Alberni Highway, Coombs, BC V0R 1M0
From Nanaimo:
1) Take hwy 19 north 32kms
2) Turn off exit 51 (hwy 4a) at Parksville for 6kms
3) Turn left when you see the green green grass of Coombs
Approximately 30min from Port Alberni and 2 ½ hrs from Tofino and Ucluelet
Phone 250-248-6272
Hours 8am - 8pm 7days a week except Christmas Day and New Years


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