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Wednesday 6 July 2011

Supersized Marshmallows... bigger is better!!! and Inside-out SMORES! xD

Normally, I blog about tasty places to eat and cuz got its 10,000th hit today, you get a special treat! I have to tell you about.... supersized marshmallows!!!  We were wandering through the grocery aisles when our eyes lighted upon the biggest marshmallows we've ever seen... Hooooooooooh!!! xD

Our eyes widened just as big as these cannibalistic cartoon marshmallows when we found them!  It instantly caused us to grin like goofballs, and squeal with unrestrained glee Eeeeeeeeee! The marshmallows were about 5x larger than the regular ones we roast over the campfire to make smores.  We couldn't wait to get them skewered and rotating over a campfire. (or burned - to each their own!)

So a few highly anticipated days later, we roasted these ridiculously large marshmallows over a campfire on the Canada Day long weekend with our friends.  These marshmallows are a bit magical.. when you set your eyes on them, your inner child will automatically come out to play - we all remember our first time roasting a marshmallow over a smokey campfire... the marshmallow in our memory was always a huge affair... and we can relive that with these supersized marshmallows!

Just for fun and comparison, we brought with us to the park: mini, regular and super size marshmallows... and roasted all 3 of them together in the pic above.  Using a single prong roasting stick/skewer did the trick, but we found using a two pronged roasting stick allowed us to roast the oversized marshmallow longer (and having it expand to 2-3x its original oversized size) without fear of it dropping into the fire.  It also gave our marshmallow toasted to a mouth watering golden brown with molten marshmallow goo inside a funny pig nose look... or a close encounter with a marshmallow vampire LOL!

We made some pretty awesome smores with these babies, some graham crackers and aero bars.  To up the indulgence level (hey, we only get to make campfire smores how many times a year?!) we swapped out the chocolate... with Caramilk wafers.  Yup, they look like thin melting chocolate wafers but with silky Caramilk caramel inside. Nom!  And since the super sized marshmallows were easier to just bite into rather than try to stack several graham crackers all over it... we made the ultimate inside-out smore.  We stuffed the inside of the marshmallow full of Caramilk wafers... a super sized marshmallow with melted milk chocolate and smooth caramel.... NOM!

I know, it looks like a chubby fat sausage roll.. only if you're Willy Wonka :)  We polished off several of these gargantuan marshmallows and smores with much laughter, sticky hands and faces.  Though the supersized marshmallows do not have the same texture as a regular marshmallow - they had a fluffier, foamy mouthfeel... make your summer extra special - get your butt to the grocery store and let your inner child roll around in sticky melted chocolate and marshmallow goo... WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! :D


Anonymous said...

I shall admit to lurking and reading ... but many a visit. This post warmed my heart as a campfire is always a place for friends, fellowship, and SUGAR!

I debated running out and grabbing a bag of these supersized mallows for a family campout ... but instead decided that a non-sugar-filled nephew would be a better sleeping option. For another time ... now that I know they exist. MWAAA HA HA HA!

janjanson said...

Heehee I agree.. looove the scent of a campfire - a whiff of the distinctive scent of campfire smoke never fails to evokes many wonderful memories of friends gathered round for camping trips, food and laughter.

A young kiddie bouncing around is a great idea.. as long as you get to pass them back to the parents after you top him up with sugary goodies... *suppresses an evil giggle* The look on his face if you playfully hand him his skewer with a regular marshmallow while your bbq skewer has a giant marshmallow would be priceless ;)

nomnomnom said...

Several ppl have asked me, so I'll just post it up here. In the order of the places I've seen it at, you can buy / purchase / hug your very own bag of oversized supersized marshmallows:
1) Sunterra
2) Sobey's
3) Save on-on Foods
4) Safeway - not all, just at the larger ones

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