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Saturday 9 July 2011

Vancouver family dinner... there's nothing like home cooking, especially when my Aunt cooks!

There's nothing like home cooking, and this post goes out to Auntie for the ridiculously awesome and tasty meals she made for us.. all from scratch!  There are times I wish I could eat like this everday...
We start off with a tasty fresh fish steamed to perfection and swimming in sweetened soy sauce, green onions and ginger!
And since we're on the West Coast, we follow it with a rich and tasty dish of tofu and cod in Auntie's secret sauce

My Auntie's Chinese take on the Vietnamese classic - rice vermincelli noodles egg patty with earthy Chinese fungus and savory ground pork, served with fish sauce. Mmmmm!

This savory dish of braised Chinese mushrooms with dried scallops and "fah gow" was a huge hit.  Earthy, savory and seafoody all in one.

This delectable dish of beef tongue and potatoes in a tomatoe sauce... nom!

Next up was one of my favorites... braised beef flank cooked in a garlicy sweet special sauce. Soooo tender, moist and delicious!!!

We helped out my Auntie.. we picked up some soya chicken from Parker Place BBQ and Meats. The chicken was moist and tasty, but not as tasty as my Auntie's home cooking!

We wash everything down with a simple but rich and tasty pork, carrot and vegetable soup

And finished off our dinner with a black forrest cake from St. Germaine Bakery in Aberdeen center. It was light, surprisingly not heavy (despite being loaded with real cream), and a big hit for dessert! Layers of fluffy dark chocolate cake, whipped cream and cherry fruit filling.... sooo good. Yes, those are fresh cherries, not plums.  Now that's a way to end a delectable meal! Thank you Auntie!!

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