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Wednesday 19 August 2015

El Rancho Spanish Restaurant Edmonton, AB- back for tasty El Salvadoran dinner!

After the wedding, we ate out a lot as We had lots of family from out of town staying for a visit, so one night, We popped by El Rancho El Salvadorian to have some tasty fare!

We Started off with our favorites -  Mixed pupusas! The freshly made ​​corn tortillas oozing with gooey in house fluffy cheese and chicaron (seasoned ground pork Into a smooth pate) - with a nice pile of tangy, crisp pickled cabbage salad and homemade tomato sauce .. I did not have a chance to take a picture of the dozen pupusas we ordere, so I'm cheating and using an older pic: p

We shared the  grilled chorizo ​​with Picapica Ranchero wings served with refried beans, chorizo, sour cream, fresh veges and toastados. The wings packed a good punch of spicy without being overwhelming spicy - and the sour creme was handy to use to cool burning mouths. The chorizo ​​was nicely juicy and disappeared quickly. Mom loved the refried beans that looked a lot like the housemade mole.

The quesadilla with chicken, mozza, El Rancho salad, sour cream and salsa was simply made ​​and quickly devoured. Nice and crispy on the outside, melted cheese and seasoned tender chicken breast on the inside.

The couple orders of enchiladas Salvadorenas quickly disappeared, all before I had a chance all to take a pic of the huge platter! So again, I cheated with an older pic here. Nothing old about crispy tortillas piled high with seasoned pulled chicken, spicy refried beans, pickled cabbage, homemade salsa, ripe tomatoes, crisp cucumber and a hit of Parmesan

The whole familia loved Pescado Frito - fried tilapia with rice and salad El Rancho. We were going to get 2 orders of this delectable fried fish, but they had a extra large fish so we paid a bit extra for it ... and wow it was huge - I should have put a utensil beside it for perspective - it was on a massive platter and took up nearly half of it. Fried to a crisp on the exterior, the fish was perfectly cooked on the inside - super tender and moist, it was a lovely contrast to the crisp skin that had a bit of tangy seasoning on it. We were tempted to order another delectable fish after having this one!

We were sooo full, only a few of us stepped up to the plate and shared dessert - first up was the  Tres Leches. It was a fluffy cake made ​​with three types of milk, topped with strawberries and whipped cream .. mmmm!

We shared the Mexican fried icecream as well - think cinnamon toast crunch crushed enrobing a ball of icecream, then deep fried and topped with strawberries and whipped cream .. mmmm!

The Verdict
We rolled out the door stuffed full of tasty El Salvadorian fare with full tummies and sleepy full smiles!

El Rancho Spanish Restaurant
 11810 87 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB 

Phone  (780) 471-4930 
Hours  Tues-Sat for lunch and dinner Hours vary, call for reservations

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