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Monday 3 August 2015

Red Robin Edmonton, AB - Tasty new Tavern burgers that are easy on the wallet!

We had a giftcard burning to be spent so we called up some friends and headed to family friendly Red Robin for tasty burgers and eats.. but mainly for the tasty burgers and the fact you can bring young squirmy toddlers and babies along and you fit right in with other young families, dating couples and seniors alike! I put in some burgers we tried another time with hubby on an impromtu date night, so its a larger longer post with lots of pics!

We all got round of the Bottomless Strawberry lemonade

Strawberries are macerated in a bit of sugar and added to lemonade mmmm!

We started with Red's popcorn shrimp with Red's dill'd and pickle'd tartar sauce.

It was a cute paper cone filled to the brim with crispy lightly panko'ed shrimp that reminded us of Bubba Gump's in Hawaii. It was a good thing we shared as there was over a dozen fair sized popcorn shrimp inside the cone, otherwise it would have been a meal in of itself!
munch munch munch...
The Chinese Dry Ribs was a pile of nicely sized deep fried rib pieces tossed in coarse salt, pepper and toasted sesame seeds.  It was served with garlic chili sauce, but stood well on its own without the sauce. Simple and tasty!

I hope they put this one back on the menu as this grilled chicken burger with ham (I think it was called Chicken 'n Ham) disappeared a week after I had it when we came back. A perfectly grilled juicy and moist chicken breast slab (its a slab as its so huge) is topped with cheese, black forest ham and the groceries. I added bacon to it just for kicks (can't go wrong with adding in extra side of bacon to anything!) and it was soooo nomnomnom!

The Southern Charm burger was a winner with brown sugar-glazed 1/2 pound Alberta Black Angus beef patty, topped with faintly sweet candied bacon, house-made honey BBQ sauce, extra-sharp cheddar, seared red onions, lettuce, mayo, snuggled into a toasted ciabatta bun.  

Its a messy handful to eat but worth it for the mmmmm!

I loved the Crispy Arctic Cod Burger and will try the full fish and chips entrĂ©e platter next time. 2 big cod filets are encased in a light crispy tempura batter and fried perfectly - nice, moist thick bites of perfectly fried fish.  

The fillets are topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and dill'd and pickle'd tartar sauce. Next time we'll have to ask for more tartar sauce - the burger disappeared like magic!

We also tried a bunch of Tavern Double Burgers. They're a new line of burgers from Red Robin and we found them almost at the end of the menu. They're fire-grilled double burger topped with Canadian cheese, fresh lettuce, tomato and Red's Secret Tavern Sauce and there were a few variations to mix things up.  If its a date, two can have the basic Red's Tavern Double, bottomless fries and a happy daily drink special for less than $30! Well, we weren't just two, so we did the Tavern Double Burger menu justice! We got a bit confused at first cuz apparently you can have a double burger (2 burger patties) or one tavern burger (1 huge burger patty) so we did a combination of both to see which one we all liked better! First up was the Nacho Crunch Tavern double burger!

The name is a mouthful lol! This one was the one tavern burger size - Its topped with onions, tomatoes, Pepper-Jack cheese, tortilla strips, Cheddar cheese sauce with a touch of lime and chilis and balanced with a squirt of ranch sauce. We liked the crunch from the tortilla chips, but you have to eat it fast or the chips get mushy from the sauces.

I really liked the Turbo Q Tavern Double burger - We got it as a double and was glad I did - two patties mean more surface area = more BBQ'ed charbroiled flavor! Its topped with Pepper-Jack cheese, caramelized onions and a tangy sweet Triple S sauce. 

Soooo messy but soooo good! This may become my favorite non-bacon topped burger here! Nom!

The Pig Out Tavern Double was a close tie with the Turbo Q Tavern Double burger for best tasting burger for the night

It was the basic Tarvern double cheese burger with a nice pile of hardwood-smoked bacon and addictive bacon-crumble aioli... it was a spread made of crispy bacon bits - pure bacon love yumminess!! You can see a bit of it smeared on the underside of the top bun

Now they need a turkey or beef bacon version of this for my Lebanese and friends that don't eat pork - they were salivating at the Pig Out Tavern Double burger I had - so simple and soooo delicious!

We passed up on the Fiery Ghost Tavern burger with ghost pepper sauce and jalapenos as well as the new Genisys burger as we didn't have anyone in the group that wanted to blow their lips up with a spicy burger that night... maybe later I'll tango with those burgers if I'm feeling like spicy... or a spicy death wish hahahaha!

We were all pretty stuffed, so we shared the newest dessert on the menu - the Chocolate Fruffles = Fudge brownies, dipped in dark chocolate and sprinkled with French sea salt and sugar crystals. Its served with whipped cream and a side of strawberry coulis.  

This dessert was hit and miss around the table - for folks that love salted chocolate, this was their thing as some of us found it was too salty even after dunking it into the strawberry sauce. Also found some were unevenly baked prior to being frozen - the underbaked/wellbaked ones had a nice fudgey texture, while the overbaked ones were on the dry cakey side of things - easily remedied if they simply increased the size or underbake the brownie sticks from now on.

Great go-to place for tasty grilled burgers, and very easy on the wallet burgers on the Tavern burgers menu for a quick and easy dinner, a down to earth honest burger date, or hauling the babies, kids and grandparents along meal!

Red Robin Whitemud
Address 4211 106 St NW, Edmonton, AB T6J6L7
Phone (780) 438-2473
Hours Sun-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
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