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Monday 10 August 2015

Bachelorette party and Cactus Club downtown, Edmonton, AB - spicy Cajun fare!

For my staggette/engagement/bachelorette party, the gals took me to Cactus Club downtown for dinner, drinks! All the lingerie, pre-drinking and snacking on tasty fare took place at KimChee's place and we made our way eventually to Cactus Club after figuring out all the designated drivers. Onto the food!

The hunnays did a phenomenal job setting up, baking and cooking for the afternoon munchies...sandwiches, cake, cupcakes, chocolate fruit bowls, macarons... I was glad I didn't eat lunch!

For my love of minions, my awesome maid of honor not only won a minion from Kdays, but full on sewed a bridal gown and veil for it.. I had to bring the minion around with me downtown later and to WEM lol!

Now, onto Cactus Club! I didn't get pics of all the food as I didn't want to faceplant gracefully into my girlfriend's laps reaching over to take pics (thanks to Bellinis and champagne in the afternoon). We started with Calamari tossed with peppers, jalapenos, dill, and served with tzatziki and chipotle aioli.. This was an entree sized portion of crispy calamari and it took us a couple rounds before we demolished it - great start to the dinner!!

One of my girlfriends had the Rocket salad - super simple with a perfectly cooked parmesan crusted
chicken breast atop some arugula, sweet vine tomatoes, and topped with red onions, and a light lemon caper
dressing, it was pronounced super yummy with a great balance of textures and a tasty dressing that tied all the elements together.

The Beef Carpaccio with nicely thinly sliced peppercorn-crusted canadian tenderloin, was drizzled with a light dijon aioli, and topped with capers, grana padano. This one disappeared like magic!

The Blackened Creole Chicken cooked in creole butter, Cajun spices, was served with buttered mashed potatoes, and roasted asparagus. The kitchen was super busy the night we went so perhaps it was an error, but there was such a heavy hand with the Cajun seasoning, only the mashed potatoes wasn't spicy. Love spicy, but not to the extent where spicy is the only note that overwhelms everything else.

Missed out on taking pics of the Creole steak + prawns cookd in spicy creole butter, white wine
and served with mashed potatoes and asparagus - this was pronounced well executed except for the heavy hand on the Cajun spice - this girlfriend had it before and was a bit surprised at how much of the fiery seasoning was added on top of the usual seasoning.. Also missed out on pics of the roasted lamb pops
in curry sauce, and that one was pronounced tasty as well.  I went with the Millionaire’s cut, a 
7oz chargrilled filet mignon, supposedly cooked in white wine with sautéed creole jumbo prawns,
buttered mashed potatoes, roasted asparagus. What came out was a mix up I think as the steak looked remarkably simular to the Creole steak and everything but the mashed potatoes was hit with too much Cajun spice. Luckily I had lots of drinks to down which helped, but as the single flavor of the night was "burning", I think the kitchen accidently added in too much Cajun seasoning to finish - the bits that weren't hit were enjoyable, the parts that were lierally coated in a orangey-red powder not so much.

I was waaaay too full for dessert after finishing 3 glasses of water, multiple drinks and a couple of shots.  We finished off the night by heading to the Comedy Club at WEM!  Thanks to all the hunnays and girlfriends that put together a fabulous day!!! Love ya all!

Cactus Club
Address 11130 Jasper Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5K 0L1
Phone (587) 523-8030
Hours Sun-Mon 11am-midnight, Tues-Sat 11am-1am
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