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Monday 17 August 2015

Urban China Edmonton, AB - back for tasty and adventurous Chinese dinner!

A few months before the big day, we headed over to Urban China to try out a more adventurous menu than usual... we had a big group and were indecisive, so we ordered a Chinese set meal for 10 randomly off the menu. Could we read the menu? Nope! Did we have any idea what we were going to eat - nope! Was it adventurous and tasty? Yup! 

The appetizer cold plate was the House special cold platter - rice pasta sheets topped with marinated jellyfish, sweet chili sauce and surf clams on a bed of julienned sweet melons and cucumber.  It had a touch too much of the sweet chili sauce, but the combination of the sweet, savory, heat, crisp and crunchiness of variations in textures was very tasty and not muddled at all. Delish!

The next dish was easily recognizable -Seafood trio with shrimp, scallop and calamari on a bed of chives.  The chives were sauteed in a bit of garlic and had a nice sweetness to them - its not used as a garnish and you do eat them!

Sliced abalone with oyster sauce
This one was simplly done and tasty - abalone is simuluar to sea conch or eating a big gigantic clam :P It was served with tender pea shoots

Sea cucumber, fish bladder and gai lan
This was one was definitely more adventurous - took a few of us to figure out all the ingredients.  The Sea cucumber is smooshy soft in texture and is like a sponge, absorbing the oyster sauce to give it flavor. The fish bladder had a texture simular to beef tendon, which makes sense as its high in collagen and is supposed to be good for your skin health.

Crab meat, +mystery seafood roe fish maw soup
The regular run of the mill fish maw soup was jazzed up with some mystery seafood roe - the roe was creamy and full of unami goodness.

Some type of hand made noodle...
This strange looking noodle has almost an al dente texture, and is tossed in a savory meat sauce with some sauteed green peppers to give it a bit of sweetness. Simple and tasty!

Yi Ge Rice
As far as we could tell, this was a fried rice packed with baby scallops and shrimp, and crowned in a pile of fried crispy garlic bits... yum!!

Live lobster - stir fried Bai Fung Tong style - with enoki, shitake and tree mushrooms. The mushrooms added in a nice earthy savoriness to tasty fresh lobster stir fried in ginger and broth

Steamed free range chicken - simply done, thsi perfectly steamed chicken is succulent and served with a peppered salt or ginger and onion emulsion to dip in.

Steamed live fish - the fish was steamed to a silky tender flakiness and swimming in ginger root, green onions and sweetened soy sauce Mmmm!

Overall, a tasty adventure!

Urban China
 10604 101 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5H 2S1
Phone (780) 758-1888 ‎
Hours Opens daily for dimsum and late for dinner
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