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Sunday 4 September 2011

Garden Cafeteria Edmonton AB - Amazing cheese buns every friday!

I love cheese. I love freshly baked bread. And when you put the two together into a cheesey ooey gooey melty goodness of freshly baked cheese buns... I'm totally in love.
I've made do with grocery store stuff, and the occasional one from family owned bakeries, but I'm always on the look out for that perfect cheese bun.  You know what I'm talking about... sinking your teeth into a soft warm tender bun laced with swirls and globs of melty flavorful cheese.  I've had my share of cheese buns over the years - ones made with almost endless permutations of Feta, Mozzarella, Gouda, Havarti, Monterrey jack, Cheddar, traditional cheese I have no hope of pronouncing correctly and even cream cheeses... all stuffed/rolled/sprinkled with more cheese, spinach, pizza sauce, pepperoni sticks, caramelized onions, shallots, mushrooms and herbs from all corners of the world.  But I still search for the simplest of the cheese buns.  Paring it back to the simple white bread base and a honest sharp cheddar cheese melted and toasted to perfection.  So where did I find a close to perfect cheese bun?

Surprisingly, its been under my nose the whole time.  Every friday morning, there is a line up for these delectable and simply irresistible cheese buns.  My boyfriend has been eating them for the past eight years and he's finally sharing this secret with the world. Is it at a food truck? Nope. Is it at a local bakery? Sort of... Its surprisingly located inside a hospital cafeteria.  Whaaaa?! I know, hospitals always have the stigma of having gawd awful food.  But its a little known secret.  If you want amazing freshly baked cheese buns, you go to the Misericordia Hospital's Garden Cafeteria in the basement every friday.  That's the only day they bake these amazing cheese buns, and you better go early, as they usually sell out by the afternoon... the staff are in the know and they're only a few floors away from this super soft and molten golden cheddary bun of indulgence, where the bun is golden not because the cheese got browned, but because there is so much cheese layered and rolled up within it and on it (like a super cheesey version of a cinnamon bun!)... it lends its cheddary hue to the bun.  Mmmmmm. Totally not sharing... go get your own!

Garden Cafeteria
B-016, 16940 87 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta T5R 4H5
Phone 780-735-2000
Hours 8am-6:30pm Mon-Fri, Closed weekends
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KimHo said...

Totally not sharing... go get your own!

That's fine. Tell that to your waist! :P

That aside... :) Most people are used to the "know" areas they seldom adventure outside of it. In Vancouver, that would be Downtown, West End, Gastown, Yaletown and Kitsilano. I will assume in Edmonton that will (might?) be parts of Downtown, Whyte Ave and some suspects. If you dare to venture outside of those areas, you might be rewarded! said...

Edmonton doesn't really have "food" areas like Vancouver.. hahaha.. we're not big enough on the food scene aspect of things. That said, we usually head where there are good eats - regardless if they're on or off the beaten path... I'm getting better at remembering to bring a camera along so blogging a bit more prolifically - though not always the DSLR... that thing requires its own "lunchbox" camera bag and is a pain to lug along.

Cheese buns love to hug my waist... but thats okay.. they're delicious and I'm getting my vitamin D and calcium ;D

KimHo said...

Wait, when I said the "known" areas, I am referring to the areas people gather together, pay $$$ for food that might be hit/miss or overrated and seen/be seen. Granted, there are some places worth the penny but a lot of them are pure hype and hot air.

When I was blogging I blogged a lot about Downtown because that is where my office is located; however, if it was for me, I will be visiting more often than not some out of the beaten path.

I'm getting my vitamin D and calcium

And fat, fat and fat... Did I say fat??? ;) said...

*blows you a raspberry PHBBBBBBBT!* and I'm getting voluptuous and curvaceous... not fat... get it right! Hahahaha.. I'm sure your girlfriends will find more pointed... ways to get that particular vocabulary choice outta your repertoire! LOL!

KimHo said...

Fat as in oil, greasy substances. But, if you consider yourself (or not), ahem, voluptuous and curvaceous, hey, that's not MY problem! ;)

As for vocabulary, I am not worried about that. I am bad in English, crappy in Cantonese, don't even let me go in Spanish but, more importantly, I have a major in profanity along with a minor in obfuscation! :D said...

hahaha.. with your degree in com sci, a major in profanity isn't surprising and obfuscation is very apt indeed ;)

Katrina said...

I know it's not a cheese "bun" per se, but the gougeres from Queen of Tarts are delicious! said...

I loved the Gruyere cheese crossaints at The Duchess.. hope they bring them back soon... Oooh.. I thought Queen of Tarts only specialized in tarts.. will definetely have to give them a try!! :D

Katrina said...

You should! I've only ever seen what they have at the city market not in their storefront but they have quiches and brioche buns and cheddar shortbread and lots of tempting sweets too;)
I have yet to try Duchess though........

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