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Sunday 28 August 2011

Jean Philippe Patisserie, Las Vegas Nevada - Scrumpt-diddily-umptious pastries!

Desserts 9.5/10
You can't go to the Strip at Vegas without stopping by Jean Philippe Maury's (he's the big cheese chocolatier) self named Jean Philippe Patisserie. With the world's biggest chocolate fountain - I always get images of Willy Wonka's factory when I hear chocolate water fountain, and super indulgent and beautifully executed pastries and fresh crepes, it would be a sin to pass up.

And if you think his desserts are too sinful, fear not! About 3/4 of his divine desserts can be made (and is!) sugar free! I made an elderly lady's day when she murmured she couldn't to her equally elderly friend because she thought the desserts would be too sweet as she was diabetic... I gently steered her away from the regular display case to the adjoining and pointed out the sugar free pastries... her beaming smile totally made my day.  Had to spot by at least once a day during our trip in Vegas to partake in a little sweet bite of dessert heaven... all in between shopping at the outlet malls, buying cheap tickets for shows early See the Sold Out Shows in Las Vegas! has tickets.... shopping some more and coming back to eat more pastries! Heehee!

Here's a touristy photo of the world's biggest chocolate fountain... (un)fortunately walled off with glass so you can't fall into it like Roald Dahl's Augustus Gloop.  Though it has the same idea - the chocolate falls from a series of platforms (to reduce chocolately splashes) and as it falls, the waterfall aerates the chocolate so it cools to the proper temperature and makes the chocolate smooth and oh so velvety.

Speaking of which, I would be much amiss if I didn't post up awesome pics of their display case... if I was younger, I would have totally mooshed my face up against the glass!
From the left, we noshed on the Chocolate eclair.. two flakey light airy layered puff pastry sandwiches a whole lotta chocolate cream love.  We bit into it and finished it before we snapped a pic.
The next display case housed on of my favourite desserts.. the lemon pie (its the one with the mini mountain peaks of toasted meringue. Light, tangy and scrumptious! 
Okay, enough with the display, here comes the close ups of the pastries we managed to get a pic of before they became a happy memory around my hips!  The hazelnut chocolate moouse terrine was layers and layers of whipped fluffy yet rich milk chocolate and hazelnut moouse interspersed with light crispy praline wafers... it looks a bit funny cuz we didn't take off the protective layer around mouuse.  The little balls are milk chocolate moouse blobs and its crowned with light crispy chocolate wafers studded with chopped hazelnut bits. Mmmmmm!
Next up was the super dark chocolate explosion - a soft tender ginger cookie dusted with icing sugar and cocoa sits atop a dark chocolate ganache covered dark chocolate mousse.  The mousse is with layered multiple times with chocolate wafers and bittersweet dark chocolate discs - all nestled upon a thin layer of chocolate cake... the gold leafed chocolate pieces around the bottom hide the cake bottom.  Did I mention chocolate? lol! 
The next day, we shared the a caramelized banana confection... a silky rich caramelized banana mousse is topped with chocolate and hazelnut mousse balls, before finally being crowned with their gold foiled decorative chocolate elements.
And last but not least, is my fav... the chocolate bombe...white chocolate namesake with gold leaf, creme brulee mouuse ball, red cocoa covered whipped chocolate moouse balls, burnt sugar chocolate disk, rich dark chocolate ganache enveloping a round layer of dark chocolate mouse, milk chocolate moouse, praline and burnt sugar crumbs, and a creme brulee centre atop of a soft chocolate cookie wafer... yummmmmmmm!

If you're in Las Vegas, you'll be totally missing out on dessert heaven if you pass up Jean Philippe Patisserie. Can't wait till my next trip back to indulge more. In the meantime, its time to work off all those desserts ferociously clinging to my hips.

Jean Philippe Patisserie
Bellagio 3600 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV89109
Phone (702) 693-8788
Hours Mon-Thurs 11am-7pm, 7am-12am
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Elsie said...

I've been back for a few months now, and every time I have a dessert, I compare it to Jean Philippe, and it fails. Nothing I've tasted in the world of dessert has been better so far!! I agree, visit Jean Philippe!!!

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