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Thursday 16 August 2012

Heritage Days, Edmonton, AB - Heritage Festival 2012 Part 2 of Day 1 with food, drinks and performances from 60+ tents and 80+cultures!!

Sima from Scandinavia!
Too much food in one post, so here's part 2 of Day 1 at Heritage Days 2012.  Be still beef hearts, salted whole herring, spiced fresh mangos, the best rice pudding ever and more coming up! :D

The Anticuchos from Peru were prepped differently this year. The beef hearts were cut into thin strips, marinated in vinegar, oil, cumin, grilled & served with baked potatoes. Smokey from the charcoal, with a slight gamey flavor, these are delicious beefy morsels. Potatoes are jazzed up with some spiced diced tomatoes and a jalapeno based relish that backs a super spicy hit. I still preferred the hearts sliced into thin pieces rather than strips like they did last year as they didn't dry out as much over the grill, but still tasty!

At Nicaragua...*sigh* no room for this today!! LOL!

We watched thinly sliced potatoes goes into the fryer as we waiting in line at Nicaragua for their Patatas Bravas with Alioli

Fresh thinly cut deep fried potatoes served with garlic mayo

Super crispy and served with a delicious garlic alioli. Missing that nice cilantro based drizzle they had last year. Or my memory is playing tricks and it was from another tent

Next, we made our way to Kenya and was super tempted by their Nyama Chomo – BBQ Beef skewers and Kuku Choma – BBQ chicken skewers

But we went to Bangladesh because they cooked their skewers on metal poles!

The Bangladesh Shish Kebab was served on some pita bread The marinated grilled beef pita was really filling! (or it may have been all the other food we had earlier.... Naaaah!! LOL!)

We zeroed in to some shade in a area with nice big trees, and chilled out with our treats along with other families needing a break from the gorgeous sunshine. Afterwards, we headed to the Dutch to admire the wooden clogs for sale as well as picked up some of our favs - Maatjes Haring a large cool lightly salted herring garnished with lots of chopped onion in a bun. It was similar to eating lightly salted mackerel sashimi... on a bun with sweet finely diced onions. NOM!!!

Couldn't leave the Dutch tents without a Kroket or two heehee! Its a delicious deep fried meat goo all served in a bun so you don't burn your fingers. Mmmm!

After the deep fried goodness, we hiked over to Scandinavi​a for their wickedly awesome Riskrem. Seriously the BEST rice pudding you will have in your life. Especially if its been made by Swedish grandmothers! Served with a tangy raspberry sauce, this super creamy rich rice pudding is just amazing!

We had a cup of Sima at the Scandinavian tent too - a refreshing fizzy drink that tastes like beer! Non-alcoh​olic as this is a family event :) Mine came with a few fermented grapes!

Plenty of pavilions were offering mango on a stick this year, but we went to the most popular booth - and the longest line up - Guatemala for their Mango’s Loco! A super dooper ripe and sweet freshly peeled mango is skewered on a stick, dipped in lime juice and coated in spicy spices. Messy, juicy awesome!

Auntie and Uncle J made a quick detour to Phillipine​s to pick up a Halo-Halo. A layered dessert of mixed sweetened fruits with crushed ice, milk, sugar, and ice cream.

Our last stop for the day was the Caribbean. We snagged a nice cool spot under some trees right by the pond and we cooled off with a tasty Pineapple soda

And had some of their infamous smokey, flavorful and mildly spicy Jamaican Jerk Chicken. (Pork available as well!)

the Goat curry. Spicy aromatic.. spicy! Just watch for bone shards if the little kids are digging into this dish.

Meat pasty, a super flaky crust with savory meat goo inside

and of course, their equally infamous Homemade ginger beer - super gingery refreshing!

Stay tuned for Day 2!!

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