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Monday 6 August 2012

Oahu Hawaii Full Day Food Tour continued - best shrimp truck award goes to Fumi's and for supper, Blue Water Shrimp and Seafood Market!

I swear, the Shrimp Truck Goddess must have looked our way and smiled upon us. After an overcooked plate of shrimp from Giovanni's, we came upon a stretch of road with I kid you not, *cue angelic music* the best shrimp trucks ever!!! Alright, time to drool along...

We first saw this colourful truck, and from our previous taste of Fumis a few years back, we quickly pulled up to Fumi's shrimp truck. I was confused as this didn't look like the blue building a few years back, but whatever... my brain was yelling happily: SHRIMP!!!

We got a plate of butter garlic shrimp which came with a slice of fresh pineapple, and a simple green salad drizzled with Italian dressing, while KimChee picked up a plate of hot and spicy shrimp. These shrimp were cooked to perfection with the subtle sweetness inherent in Kahuku shrimp shining through the rich buttery garlic goodness. Definite 9/10. The garlic is lightly fried and not chewy. Mmmmmm! So happy!

Kimchee's hot and spicy shrimp were also cooked to perfection, with the spiciness of the sauce mellowed out by the butter garlic sauce.  9/10. Mmmmm!

I said we thought the Shrimp Truck Goddess was smiling upon us right? Well, we thought we had the best shrimp truck... only to see the Fumi's building hiding behind a little white truck a hop and skip down the road from the truck we just visited. Score!

We lost no time in lining up at this Fumi's as thi was the location that scoops out live shrimp out from its shrimp ponds every morning... located right behind the building!

We went for several orders of the butter garlic and spicy garlic shrimp. These shrimp were cooked to just barely done and by the time you sit and and bite in, they are divine! Shrimp happiness! So delectably good!!! 10/10.

The spicy garlic shrimp was the Kahuku shrimp cooked in the butter garlic sauce that just had a hint of chilis added to it. Very addictive...

So addictive, we got another plate lol! 10/10

Now, since the butter garlic shrimp were also super amazing, we got a box full of them after we polished off our first platter!

Heehee.. the last shrimp gets a glimpse of the carnage as we drown it in the butter sauce... NOM!

Super stuffed with amazing Kuhuku shrimp, butter and garlic, we wash up at the little outdoor sink beside the shop, and the boys stretch up or clamber onto a table to lightly etch our names into a guava leaf located in the yard adjacent to the picnic tables, to join countless other couples "leafing" their mark.

We went for a meandering drive around the coast and back down into Waikiki, where we eventually found parking and shopped at the International Market before we stopped at Bluewater Shrimp and Seafood Market. While the Bluewater Shrimp truck we saw up on the Northshore as we were driving around only serves shrimp and fish, these guys serve a much bigger selection of seafood.

Starting from a humble shrimp truck, they expanded to have a cafeteria style restaurant in the International Market as well dabbling in catering. Its clear they have loads of loyal fans, as line ups are a permanent fixture beside their order window. I'm super excited to try them as we couldn't find their truck the last time we were in town (this was pre-twitter times), so didn't mind waiting. Good food takes time to be prepared!!

We ordered a Big something... essentially a lobster and snow crab platter and snagged a nearby table to wait for our order to be called. After a bit of a wait, our orders were called and we were not disappointed. There was much more than just lobster and snow crab... Why Helloooooo!

The large lobster tail is perfectly cooked and doused liberally with a white wine butter sauce, while the snowcrab is delicately steamed, and also perfectly cooked to bring out its sweetness. There's clarified butter to dunk into too! 10/10 Mmmm!

There was also half a dozen garlic butter shrimp and its served served with rice, a tossed green salad, fresh sweet corn niblets and slice pineapple. Nom!!! For $35, this was an unbeatable meal both in terms of price and freshly prepared seafood.

We were going to have drinks at the Ala Mona Surfrider, but we were full and content from a full day of our yummy food tour, and turned into our hotels full and content. Mahalo and Aloha!

Fumi's Kahuku Shrimp
Address 55-777 Kamehameha Hwy Kahuku, HI
Phone (808) 232-8881
Fumi's Kahuku Shrimp on Urbanspoon


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Blue Water Shrimp and Seafood Market
2330 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone (808) 923-2529
Hours Daily 10am-10pm
Blue Water Shrimp & Seafood Market on Urbanspoon


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