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Saturday 4 August 2012

Red Robin, Edmonton, AB - awesome hit the spot burgers

Rating Food 8/10, Service 7.5/10
Every now and then, we get this deep almost primeval craving to plunge our faces into a deeply soul satisfying burger... you know those cravings.. the ones where you'll eat everything else and you just are still craving that one item.. Yeah, that type of craving. So when its a burger craving, we don't go to the fancy smancy gourmet burger places, we usually head to the down to the honest, down to earth Red Robins for their unlimited fries, unlimited non-alcoholic drinks... and a super tasty burger.

We first start with a bottomless strawberry lemonade. Its muddled super sugar sliced strawberries in lemonade. Super, simple, refreshing, and served in a funky glass that screams 1960's nostalgia. Ask for a spoon so you can eat the yummy fruit after you finish your drink. You can get some pretty thick and tasty milkshakes too, but since its hot out, strawberry lemonade it is!

Our food orders come after a bit of a wait. The fries are thick, crisp on outside, smooshy on the inside and lightly seasoned. If you want more, just ask, as they are bottomless fries. The Prime Chophouse burger is sitting just next to it.

The Prime chop house burger is loaded up with horseradish-sauteed mushrooms, a tasty tangy steak sauce, some creamy Dijon mustard, melted Provolone cheese and topped with with crisp deep fried onion straws. The juicy, seasoned burger and all its toppings is held together with an onion bun.. open wide!! NOM!!!

While my boyfriend went with the tasty prime chophouse burger, I stuck with one of my favs - The California burger with simple run of the mill green salad on the side. Hey, I got a bunch of weddings this summer to attend, and I won't be the first female to grump that guys got it waaaay easier and less expensive at formal functions, which gals have to have a different dress, and matching jewellery, shoes, purse, hair done etc etc etc for every single new formal event that comes along.. and guys simply change their shirt and tie to go with their suit.

Anyways, my burger has a perfectly cooked moist tender charbroiled thick chicken breast topped with melty Provolone cheese, an ok guacamole, thick-sliced applewood smoked bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, pickles & mayo. I prefer their old version which had a bruschetta topping as it had way more flavour than a simple tomato slice, but still tasty none the less. And yes, I stole a few bites of my boyfriend's burger... who says we can't cheat? :D

Overall, a fun kitschy place to have a tasty down to each, hit the spot burger at reasonable prices, with a tasty gluten free line up and one you can bring your family to. (if you really want lol!)

Red Robin Longstreet
11215 - 104 Ave, Edmonton, AB, T5K 2S1
Phone (780) 424-9363
Hours Sun-Thu 11am-10pm, Fri-Sat 11am-11pm
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