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Saturday 18 August 2012

Snacks of Oahu, Hawaii - Spam musubi, coconut pie, green tea icecream mochi, bacon sundaes, Fumi's and dole pineapple whip!

Well, we have to snack and not just eat out all the time! So I've compiled some of the random and tasty salty, sweet, crunchy, savory, smooshy, indulgent and occasionally heart stopping (or stop in your tracks) snacks we noshed our way through to fuel ourselves while swimming, eating, snorkeling and exploring the beautiful island of Oahu

We nearly got these every morning as a quick grab and go breakfast. Yes, they're packed full of probably a lot of things I'd rather not think of, but spam is a historical food in Hawaii. If you don't know why, dig out your history books or look it up on handy dandy Google. But, its a great salty savory rich package of flavor: bland rice topped with some furikake (roasted sesame and nori mixture) and a bit of egg and a slice of seared spam, all held tightly together with a band of nori= Spam musubi! Tried a Portugese sausage musubi to change it up one day too. Mmm.. Available at most convenience stores, and in the poliferative ABC stores.

Portugese sausage-egg and furikake mushubi left, Spam-egg-furikake musubi right

coconut pie? At McDonald's? We've found over our travels, that this chain tries to incorporate a bit of staple food in whatever country they happen to be in. Big Macs served on pitas in Greece, Belgian brownies in England, Green tea red bean sundae in Hong Kong.. and Haupia or coconut pie in Hawaii! I was a bit surprised they didn't have taro pie, but maybe it was just a smaller location I went to. Deep fried (not baked like the ones in Canada) to a crisp on the outside, its filled with hot aromatic smooth coconut goo on the inside. Artificial- a bit, tasty - yup. Mmm.

And what better snack that fresh sweet Kahuku shrimp drowned in plenty of clarified butter and garlic from Fumi's? The clarified butter highlighted the shrimp's inherent sweetness rather than masking it like other Shrimp trucks (See Shrimp truck reviews here for Fumi's, McKay's, Giovannis).

And spicy garlic butter Kahuku shrimp for those that like a kick of heat to go along with these delectable morsels from the sea. Mmmmm!

But its HOT in Hawaii!! Where are all the cool and cold items? Well, the classic one is Dole's Pineapple whip. Can't beat pure golden pineapple juice frozen, whipped and aerated into a smooth, silky sweet treat loaded with lots of freshly cut pineapple on a hot day!!!

Masumoto's shaved ice comes pretty close those for cool and refreshing treat. Freshly shaved ice, topped with a variety of tasty syrups, condensed milk, and you can have a tasty Asuki red bean dessert buried at the bottom if you like! to help you cool off!

New this year and for a limited time is Burger King's bacon sundae

Yup, its their caramel and chocolate sundae topped with a few sprinkles of salty crispy bacon bits

and half a piece of crisp fried bacon. Mmm! I think I still like dunking hot McDonald's french fries into their chocolate sundae over BK's bacon sundae, but mainly because there isn't enough of the that salty bacony goodness to go around, while I can have an entire box of McD's fries to leisurely dunk through... I'll leave you to decide which one tastes better!

We really enjoyed stopping by for icecream Mochi balls whenever we saw them. These ones you can get at specialty Japanese stores, or at most mochi icecream parlours:

This was one of our favs.. grean tea icecream mochi.. soft sticky rice wrapper with a smooth and not too sweet creamy matcha green tea icecream inside. Mmm!

For late night snack, we stopped off one night to grab a philly cheesesteak at Ono Cheese Steak. The line up looked promising...It needed a lot more sauce and cheese, but a passable cheesesteak with plenty of well done chopped up thinly shaved steak, a bit of onion and a little bit of cheese to hold it all together

On a soft bun, and with lots of meat as per American protocol... it needed a lot more sauce and cheese, but its a passable cheesesteak with plenty of well done chopped pup thinly shaved steak, a bit of onion and a little bit of cheese to hold it all together. Hard to make it look sexy on camera though after it got smooched a bit in the wrapper. But its a great late night snack!

Along with lots of honey roasted macadamia nuts, we always had a bag of these lighty sweet chips to snack on kickign around. Yeah, they're not made with actual ridiculously sweet Maui onions, but a "Maui onion seasoning" according to the ingredients, but still tasty!

You can't have sweet without salty and salty without sweet... so we'll finish this post with a snack we grabbed while shopping at the Ala Moana Mall... a pretzeldog from Pretzelmakers! Soft, salty, slightly sweet buttery freshly baked pretzel wrapped around a hotdog. Full review on Pretzelmakers here! Mmmm!

Address 55-777 Kamehameha Hwy Kahuku, HI  
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Dole Plantation
Address 64-1550 Kamehameha Highway, Wahiawa, HI
Phone  (808) 621-8408
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Ono Cheese Steak
Address 2310 Kuhio Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815
Phone  (808) 923-8080
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Address 1450 Ala Moana Blvd # 1080, Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone  (808) 946-9368


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