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Thursday 14 June 2012

Kimchee's Pre-Wedding Snacks, Smoked meats yumminess and bridal shower tastiness!

For an upcoming wedding of my girlfriend Kimchee, we've been hard at work the past couple months with the wedding planning-decoration making-scrapbooking monster chewing up most of our weekends and every scrap of free time... so much so, that some of our significant others have (not so?) jokingly commented that we must be seeing someone else... our girlfriends lol! So what would our creative and sometimes frantic sessions of wedding work be without proper nourishment, drinks, and in this case, lots of ribbons, flowers and girly stuff?
We had multiple scrapbooking sessions - we were making a massive scrapbook spanning 20years of friendship, laughter and of course of the two lovebirds - so yes, it took a lot of time, creativity and booze LOL! There was lots of food we forgot to take pics of - Kathychee's yummy pinwheel rolls, roasted chicken wraps, ginseng chicken soup, freshly baked cookies, Lishy's farmer's market raid for a bounty of fresh fruits, wings, and mint strawberry lemonade to name a few! For one of the sessions, Dal smoked up some wickedly amazingly moist smoked chicken rubbed in secret spices and basted with butter as it smoked to perfection by Dal's Smokehouse. We were tantalized by the smells as the chicken smoked throughout the day. The colourful pasta salad he made to go with was really tasty too!

The moist and super flavorful smoked ribs he basted with apple juice throughout the day were to die for.  Pic to be posted once Anniekins digs it up

During the days we met up to create not one, but two floral arches, we kept ourselves fueled up with...our first attempt at Belinnis with frozen peach puree, peach schnapps, champagne and grenadine/cherry syrup!

We attempted to make designs with the grenadine/cherry syrup before the slush got too melty

On another weekend, you have to feed creativity, so while the girls were putting together a wedding scrapbook for Kimchee, Dal treated us to a great smoked pulled pork sandwich made by Dal himself!

Courtesy of Dal's Smokehouse, Dal lovingly started smoking a giant pork shoulder at 5am so we could have this moist flavourful pulled pork sandwich smothered in Dr Pepper's BBQ sauce for lunch. Mmmmm! I whipped up a macaroni salad earlier in the day to go with it.

Later on that night, Dal had always said the best thing to do with pulled pork was to make pulled pork nachos... and I finally got to try them! Dal, I will never doubt you again!!! Moist buttery smokey pulled pork, lots of molten cheese, diced tomatoes, tobacco sauce mellowed out with hot butter, and green onions make this The BEST nachos I have ever had. Anniekins, you're so lucky - if my boyfriend cooked like this every day, I'd never bother cooking again.. nor fit into the gowns at Kimchee's wedding - but I'd still be happy as heck!!! lol!

Fast forward a few weeks of prepwork and we're at the bridal shower! Kimchee's sisters made some whimsically decorated chocolate cupcakes for the bridal shower

What's a bridal shower without drinks and food? We were all set up in the drinks arena... complete with a gigantic glass for the guest of honor!

You can never have enough chocolate at these events, so I made a big batch of my Triple indulgent chocolate fudge brownies the morning of. So rich and chocolately sinful... had to have a piece or two while they were still molten hot.. quality control! ;D

We had some non-alcoholic fruit punch in a pretty bowl for those of us driving later that night.  This bowl is soooo pretty! I'm so tempted to pick one up at Amazon UZO1 Illuminated / Lighted Party Beverage Fountain (Punch Bowl) though its pretty easy for me to ask to borrow it... :P

Milk and dark chocolate.. chocolate fountain getting ready for a pile of cut up strawberries, melons, bananas and other assorted fruit

While setting up, I took some random pics... this was just a portion of the colours of the rainbow to adorn fingers and toes later. It was impressive this was only two gal's collection of nail polish!!!

Cucumbers, raspberry, blackberry, cream, honey, tequila, sugar... these were just some of the ingredients in the facial things we assembled for the in home spa afternoon!

And we started off the party with Kimchee's perfected belinnis - frozen peach-peach schnapps-white wine slush, floating in a pool of champagne and garnished with a touch of grenadine and of course... the cherry on top! So Kimchee, as you head into your big day this weekend, from all the hunnays, we wish you lotsa years of love, happiness and laughter as you enter this new, exciting and wonderful part of your life! We're honored and humbled to be part of your wedding (yes, even as free labor LOL!)...we'll always be here for you! *HUGS!!!*


KimHo said...

Why I have the feeling you either (a) rushed this post or (b) you were drunk while writing it? ;)

Kimchee, congrats! said...

Neither to the above... Blogger was being stooped and refused to post up any pics associated with post.. as well as any formatting or fixed spelling errors.. lol.. now its all gouda :)

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