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Wednesday 6 June 2012

Jumbo Dim Sum Dining Edmonton, AB - Tasty and generous portions - Chinese 10 course dinner: appetizers, fish maw, chicken, fish, crab, lobster, rice, noodles and more!

Rating Food 8/10, Service 8/10
For my dad's birthday, he wanted a lot of food, so what better than a 10 course meal? We headed to the west end of town to Jumbo, and our expectations were definitely met at the portion sizes here are HUGE! Probably didn't help we ordered a 10 course set seafood meal and had access to dessert buffet afterwards. Needless to say, we were quite full and brought lots of food home for lunch the next day! Decor is your standard Chinese restaurant - white linens, gold and red accents. Service was efficient and friendly. On to the foooood!

First out was a hot and cold appetizer platter. Starting from the top right and going clockwise, we had pickled boneless chicken feet - cooked and then brined for a spicy and tangy start. Next was the braised sliced beef shank for those that wanted savory and lean. Next up was the warm out of the oven in house made BBQ glazed pork - moist, tender and a good balance of salty and sweet. In the left top corner was the pickled cold pork jazzed up with a light chili glaze, and finally, my favorite - cold pickled jellyfish - springy, salty savory and a hit of spice. Mmm.

Following our appetizer platter was the large shrimp in mango cream. Not sure where the mangos went, I think they meant peach. Large shrimp is dunked in batter, deep fried and tossed in a peach flavoured mayo, served on a bed of lettuce and garnished with canned peaches. The portion size was huge, but they could have been less generous with the amount of mayo as it overwhelmed the shrimp a bit.

The third course was the bird's nest with chicken strips, scallops and mixed veges. The potato straw "nest" was made fresh - light, crisp and stayed crisp even after it absorbed some of the chicken and scallop juices. The chicken was tender and moist, while the large scallops were cooked perfectly. Mmmm!

Onto the fourth course: Fish maw soup. My mom was impressed with the amount of fish maw added to this soup... it was more ingredients than soup! Thick and savoury, this Chinese style "chowder" hit the spot, and is served with white pepper and red wine vinegar on the side.

And a close up of the fish maw soup just because :)

The fifth - is if 5 now? course: Duo of fresh crab and lobster cooked in ginger and green onions Fragrant and tasty with the lobster meat moist and succulent, and the crab perfectly cooked (once you manoeuvre the meat out of the shell).. I challenge you to eat crab with chopsticks! hahahah!

Course 6: Garlic fried chicken - with its crispy golden brown skin, super moist succulent meat, and crowned in a glorious amount of fried garlic... how can you go wrong?

Course 7, our vegetables! Baby bok choy cooked in broth and topped with enoki mushrooms. Simple, yet this brings out the sweetness of these young veges and shrooms

Course 8: Fresh steamed tilapia with green onion and ginger infused oil and sweetened soy sauce. The waitress expertly deboned the entire fish before I had a chance to snap a pic, and though it looks mess from the angle I took the pic at, the fish was moist and tender yummy.

Course 9: Seafood fried rice. This has got to be the fried rice that is loaded up with the most and biggest pieces of seafood in the city. Large shrimp, whole scallops and large chunks of imitation crab meat are found along with peas, scrambled egg bits, green onions and oh yeah, and fragrant fried rice :)

Last but not least - the last course: Stirfried Yee Mein- this dish is fragrant with the characteristic mushroom sauce the noodles slowly absorb as its cooked and has a few slices of Chinese mushrooms studding the noodle landscape

Not quite done yet, there's still the unlimited dessert buffet! Here are some samplings of what they had:
In house made almond cookies - light and buttery, they're like almond flavoured mini shortbread cookies

Black sesame dessert - made in house, black sesame seeds are ground into a fine texture and cooked with a bit of sugar. This black sesame dessert is neither thin nor super thick and is lightly sweetened so you can indulge in a few more desserts!
Apparently I can't serve a bowl of dessert without slopping it all over the rim lol!

The tapioca and taro dessert has been cooked so long, all the soft sweet taro root has dissolved and incorporated into the dessert. I prefer having definitive pieces of taro in my dessert, but it was tasty none the less. There was also a red bean and black glutinous rice dessert as well as a baked tapioca dessert I simply had no room to even have a bit foe - but my mom really enjoyed the baked tapioca dessert, as was similar to ones she's had while travelling in Hong Kong years ago

Overall, a great place for Chinese food with generous portions, good service and unlimited desserts - if you still have room at the end!

Jumbo Dim Sum Dining
10451 170 Street Northwest, Edmonton, AB T5P4S7
Phone (780) 481-3838
Hours Open daily for dimsum and dinner
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