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Monday 18 June 2012

Corso 32 Edmonton, AB - Delectable fried cheese, fried short rib, truffled raviolii, panna cotta, chocolate torta and of course the wonderful grilled cheese!!

Helloooo chocolate torta, terreine.. heaven!
Rating Food 8.5/10, Service 8.5/10
With a craving and fond memories of the delicious grilled cheese we had last time at Corso 32, and drooling at the pics TastingTraveller took of the truffled ravioli, it was a no brainer we had to head back to Corso 32. Just to be through of course! :)

After spotting the bright neon pink massage parlour sign just above Corso 32's venue (hey, its a good landmark!) and a Transcend franchise joint right beside it, we went into the restuarant with the air already redolent with the scent of buuter, cheese and tomatoes... Yum!
A wide selection of wines are available by the glass or bottle, but we chose to go with some lemon water as MilkTea was joining us for supper and she had a long drive afterwards... Must maximize space for food and dessert!

the FOOD
We chose to start of sharing between the 3 of us a fried cheese in hoepney dish - Fried Taleggio, (Lombardia, Italy) Cows Milk, Mild and Cream, local buckwheat honey, black pepper and served with Stone Tree Bakery crostinis and a pear mustard.  Some of us liked it better spread on the crostinis, while some of us liked it just as is.  The cheese had a light crust from being immersed in a deep fryer - and it wasn't crispy as we expected, but the ooey gooey melty mild cheese paired well with the slightly sweet and savoury base of pear mustado, and the buckwheat honey balanced out the richness of the cheese. Mmmm!

And since its MilkTea's first time here, we got some of the delectable light as a cloud House Made Goat Ricotta, Rosemary Oil, Maldon Sea Salt, Crostini to share. Super, simple, airy and delightful ricotta with just a trace goat's milk flavour, hidden by the fresh rosemary infused olive oil that you scoop as much or as little as you like on crisp olive oil laced crostinis. Nom!

Next up is the Grilled Cheese, Boschetto al Tartufo, Charred Onion, Sunny Up Egg.  Probably one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches you'll ever have.  Me and my girlfriend shared one, while my boyfriend indulged in a full grilled cheese.

This time around, the eye yolk was cooked to perfection, making a river of rich yolk go to coat the grilled bread hiding truffle infused melty cheese within. NOM!

Fried Short Rib with Shaved Pear and Arugula Salad.  The fried short rib was a hit - lightly crispy on the outside, it was fork tender meat inside.  Braised in a sauce that held teasing hints salty savoury and sweet - balsamic vinegar maybe? Just alone, the fried short rib is a must try.  The tangy dressing the salad is tossed in helps offset the richness of the meat, while the almost see thru pear slices add a touch of sweetness.

Next up was our pasta - Black Truffle Fonduta Ravioli, Brussel Leaves, Butter, Parmigiano. With tender hand made pasta encasing a delightful amount of rich truffle infused mild (Taleggio?) cheese goo, we weren't the only table going oooh or squealing quietly when we bit in or cut the ravioli to reveal the sinfully rich and indulgent cheese goo languorously oozing out in all its glory.

The brussels sprout leaves while very young and tender, still had a touch of bitterness to them which helped cut the richness of the super yummy cheese goo inside the ravioli

Since dessert is MilkTea's fav course (isn't it the fav course for everyone?), we saved some room for two desserts tonight. The fest being Vanilla Panna Cotta, Vin Cotto, Pistachios, Honey Grappa. One of the better panna cottas I've had in a while - super smooth, creamy. rich and gently set... not like a runny yogurt as a few places in Edmonton have tried to pass off as panna cotta.

Flavored with flecks of vanilla bean, this lightly sweetened and gently set dessert aired well with the reduced sweet wine that we almost thought was a reduced balsamic vinegar as it had a touch of acidity to it. The toasted pistachios were a nice contrast both in texture and colour, but the panna cotta stood well on its own
And a less flash-washed out version of the vanilla panna cotta

We were going to go with the warm apple crostata (think apple crumble) until we saw an neighbouring table order it - the ball of gelato crowning it was the size of a softball! lol! We went with my fav instead - Chocolate Torta, Salty Hazelnuts. Resembling a richly dark chocolate medium dense terrine mousse than a torta (pie or tart), it really doesn't matter what its called when you take a bite of chocolate heaven. And there are salted candied toasted hazelnuts for those that like the combination of salty and sweet, though the "torta" stands well on its own and disappeared like magic.

Overall, a great place have some simply prepared, well executed and delicious Italian fare. Make sure you make reservations as there is limited seating. I'm looking forward to trying what Daniel Costa has up his sleeve after his entire crew heads off to Italy later in Sept 2012 for food and wine.

Corso 32
10345 Jasper Avenue, Edmonton, AB
Phone (780) 421-4622
Hours Tue-Sun5pm-Midnight, Closed Mon and every second Tues
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