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Wednesday 4 September 2013

Calgary's Farmer's Market, Calgary, AB - Fresh vegetables, fruits, desserts and opera?!

I love farmer's markets and always try to hit them up if they happen to be open when I'm travelling or visiting.  Calgary has a few, and since this one was close to my Aunt's place.. and when I found out she's lived and worked in Calgary forever and never has visited, well, I had to drag her along and she fell in love with it as first bite :D

With demand, comes supply, and since most farmer's markets goods are seasonal (read fresh!) and grown locally, you'll usually get just as good prices (and definitely better quality) than if you purchased at the regular grocery store.  Bonus is you know you're supporting the local economy and get to meet the growers/producers/artisans! We were still in time for some late raspberry and cherry season, and we stocked up on some lovely crisp English beans

I picked up some Sylvan Star gouda while my Aunt and boyfriend oggled the various desserts sprinkled throughout the vegetables and fruit stands

Mmm.. fresh carrots! I eventually hunted down some Gull Valley tomatoes, bought a ridiculous amount of tomatos (cherry, yellow, red, orange), and picked up a neat thick skinned red and green striped "Zebra" variety too.

The scent of freshly brewed coffee made us veer off our path...

Picked up some really lovely soft tender donuts at Jelly Modern's pop up stand.  I think the top pic is of strawberry or raspberry creme, but we scored with indulgent crisp bacon pieces topped hint of smoke maple glazed donuts and the sticky messy amazing smores donut.

Passed on the peanut butter and double chocolate fudge donuts, and picked up the fruit goo filled icing sugar dusted donut.  It was only one that disappointed as the goo was only piped into a small section of the donut.

Next stop was Chilly Willy's for some incredibly hazelnuty ferrero rocher and tiramisu gelato.  Pic is of the tiramisu gelato.. the other one my aunt polished off before I could get a pic lol!

We eyed some icecream cookie sandwiches and opted...

to pick up some cream puffs from House of Cruffs instead.   They were still cleaning up from the devastating summer flood, but luckily were still able to make mini cream puffs

There's lots of prepared/ready to eat foods at the market, but we were happy just nibbling on a few things as a snack.  And as we sat down with a pile of groceries and not so few desserts to sneak a few bites (quality control!), I wondered at why there were some very well dressed cowboys and cowgirls just sitting in the food court, then mused as they converged onto the stage... and then we heard the distinct sounds of... opera?  Yup, it was Cowtown Opera, a unique singing group of cowboys and gals belting out classic Italian opera pieces with a cowtown spin, surprising and entertaining the entire crowd at the Calgary Farmer's Market.  While the Cowtown Opera isn't performing at the Farmer's Market every week, there's usually something interesting lined up weekly.  Until next time... Ye-haaaw!

Calgary's Farmer's Market

Address 510 77th Avenue SE, Calgary, Alberta T2H 1C3
Hours Thurs-Sun 9am-5pm
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