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Monday 9 September 2013

Bear's Paw Bakery, Jasper, AB - Tasty baked sweet and savories

I'm not certain when it became a tradition, or if all roads in Jasper just happen to pass by either the original Bears Paw bakery or its second location The Other Bears Paw, but we always seem to stop in for a quick caffeine buzz and end up with a bagful of sweet and savory delights - always justifiable cuz you're on vacation and if you're planning to hit the hiking trails, well, you'll be burning off those calories! ;D
Head early if you want a decent selection as I don't think I ever recall any of the two bakeries not packed to the brim with people.. and folks ordering as if everything was free.

Still, waiting isn't a chore as you get to inhale delicious smells of freshly baked bread, warm sugar from baking cookies, coffee and melted cheese. Mmm.

Takes a bit of willpower not to add more and more and more items as you stand in line and peek at what others are ordering... especially since the display cases are crammed to the brim!

We ended up trying their sausage rolla.  The medium dense pastry with lightly spiced meat is better cold as we discovered microwaving it to warm it up caused the pastry to become a deflated oily flop. Whoops. Eat it cold!

The pizza pretzel had lots of tangy pizza sauce hidden underneath a crust of cheese and a soft tender preztwl to boot - a great savory snack, though I wished they made pepperoni stick wrapped pizza or cheese pretzels.  Childhood fav!

The cheese bun while generously covered in cheese on the exterior, would have benefited from chunks of cheese hidden inside - tasted rather bland, but perhaps it would have tasted better warmed up.

And a Bears paw, their signature cinnamon roll up that is only lightly sweetened.  We got the one with raisins as they added in much needed moisture.  But most parents love these as they are far far far less sugary than traditional cinnamon buns drowned in butter, cinnamon and brown sugar.

We washed down some of our treats (saved most for snacks later) with a chai latte with nice cinnamon notes.  We also got a complimentary bite of chocolate (that's the little nugget that looks like rabbit umm... yeah on top of the cup lol!) Mmmmmm!

Bear's Paw Bakery
Address 4 Cedar Ave, Jasper, AB T0E1E0
Phone (780) 852-3233
Hours Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner
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