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Monday 2 September 2013

Good Buddy Southside Edmonton, AB - Tasty fast Chinese lunch with noodles, fried rice, pea shoots and congee!

I had some relatives drop into town and we headed out for a quick lunch. We headed to the southside Good buddy as my Aunt was hankering for some decent Chinese food and I’m specifically making the distinction of the southside location, as there is also a bunch of restaurants with the same name (and all different owners) in the city and we went to the restaurant in the southside.
Anyhoos, we stopped by this bustling and busy southside location for…
the FOOD 
It was rainy out, so we started off with a Tan Zhai Jook or congee with pork and thousand year old egg, toasted peanuts and chopped green onions. It’s a nice warm combination of savoriness that warms us up nicely.

We then dug into the Superior Fried Rice with pork, shrimp, chicken and cilantro. Flavorful, salty savory and generous with the meats. Mmmm.

The Hai Yan Chicken rice fell a bit flat. Usually, chicken is steamed with garlic, and is served over garlic infused rice and even more garlic oil or sauce is added on top to up the garlic-ness. The chicken, while moist, only was faintly flavored with garlic and served on plain rice.

Gon Chow Ngau Hor or Stir fried rice noodles with beef was next up with lots of tender pieces of beef, and soft rice noodled generously sauced with a good amount of “wok hay” – translation – the carmelization from super high heat over gas stove + contact of wok. Yeah, it’s a bit carcinogenic, but so it BBQ and we still eat both!

We rounded things off with a big plate of sweet pea shoots sautéed in garlic. High in vitamins and tasty cuz you’re eating the baby shoots of a bean plant – sorry mista bean, but you taste so good! Nomnomnom

Overall a good place for a quick bite of Chinese fare in south Edmonton.
Address 2059 - 111 Street, Edmonton, AB T6J4V9
Phone (780) 432-6050
Hours Open daily for lunch and dinner
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