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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Fired Up BBQ Edmonton, AB - Best Southern smoked beef brisket, ribs and smoked chicken in Edmonton!

I love meat. I love BBQ and I definetely loved smoked meats.  There's a science and an art to smoking the perfect rack of ribs, moist brisket or tender melt in your mouth chicken.  Its even more difficult to keep things consistently moist with not too heavy a hand on seasonings nor too little or too heavy a smoke (noone wants to bite into a chunk of campfire smoke).  While there's a few places in Edmonton for BBQ smoked meats, some focus on portion size (Sloopy Hogs Roed Hus), some on atmosphere and sauces (SmokeHouse BBQ) - nothign bad about that, but to each their own!  But I'm glad Fired Up BBQ addes another BQ Smokehouse choice to Edmonton's fickle dining scene as they focus on the wood to smoke the meats, timing and the meat meat meat!
Hidden next to a McDonalds, its cafeteria style where you order the food at the front and walk it back to the table yourself, with extra napkins, water and utensils off to the side.  I think the space was previously a fast food joint, but the stained glass windows though a little out of place add a nice pop of color.  The front of the restaurant is where all the happiness is

With bright smiles, friendly service and a meat counter that would make any carnivore think they died and went to heaven.

This fellow was encouraged, badgered and heckled by his friends to open up a restaurant because he made damn good smoked meats and BBQ.  I'm glad his friends were so persistent!

the FOOD
We had a big party, so we ordered many of the combos and created some of our own combos from the various meats and sides available.  We were also glad we came on empty stomachs as many fo us packed home food for lunch the next day!
Beef Brisket
Thick tender slices of flavorful, moist brisket with a good mouthfeel - no falling apart overcooked "pulled beef" here! Beef had nice balance of tender lean meat, viens of juicey rich fat pockets and tender soft bits of tendon.
Beef brisket served with really yummy baked beans and tex mex corn
A medium smoke with a good layer of spices that add flavor and a touch of heat to each bite. Liberally sauced in its own au jus, it was hard not to wolf this down and not save room for anything else!
Beef brisket with a side of cheese mac and cheese and tomato herb rice
Coated in a moderately thick crust of seasonings and spices, the crust lent a medium hit of spicy heat to the moist ribs.  Oh yes, that's one order of ribs. Heehee!

Most of us got buttery moist pieces of chicken (along with our ribs), though one of our party had one that was a bit dry.  Maybe they forgot to baste that baby in butter. A light delicate smoke on the chicken.  Noone ordered the chicken separately, they ordered it with the ribs too boot.  Epic portion sizes.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
My boyfriend loves pulled pork and this one passed muster.  Cram a softball sized ball of moist fall apart pulled lightly smoked pork oozing with a delicious sweet and savory BBQ sauce inside a big brioche like bun. Mmmmm!  Messy but sooo good!

I loved the tangy refreshing non-mayo'ed slaw the sandwich was topped with.. cut thru the heaviness of just the sheer amount of meat.

Oh yeah, you can get fresh veggies and fresh cut up fruit if you're into that... you know, staying regular and all ;D

Beef Brisket Sandwich
Same delectable thick slices of beef brisket topped off with au jus stuffed (barely) into soft brioche like bun.


The hours are a little odd as he only smokes enough for the day and once he sells out, that's it for the day... so make sure you come for lunch or head early for dinner so you don't miss out on possibly the best place for smoked meats in Edmonton!

Fired Up BBQ
Address 6224 99 Street , Edmonton, AB T6E
Phone (780) 438-8218
Hours Mon 11am-3pm, Tue-Fri 11am-7pm, Sat 11am-3pm, Closed Sun and Holiday Weekends
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