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Monday 26 August 2013

Eat Real YYC 2013 Food Truck fun!

It was a food truck frenzy at Eat Real YYC last year, and this year was no exception!  New gleaning shiny funky trucks and familiar food truckers lined up all around the block Casel Marché rests upon. The parking lot which was used last year to park all the food trucks was filled with inflatable gyms, bouncy castles and lined with picnic tables.  On to the awesome food trucks and food vendors and foooood!!

One of the first places I snapped a pic of as I stepped across the street was a little table offering cups of Paradise Mountain Coffee.. fill 'er up as much as you like!  The rich earthy coffee was available to be purchased inside the Casel Marché Market.

Can't have coffee without some munchies to accompany it, and these delicious Rainforest Cookies and crisp were right beside the coffee table.  I totally cleaned the Market out of soft, tender, yummerfuls  (and oddly still full of fibre) Rainforest cookies afterwards. Heehee!

We were super tempted to get a huge plate of pasta from Aglio E 'Olio as the scent of garlic wafted out its doors, but we chose to walk around first to see what was available as tummy space is very very valuable limited real estate!

Some live tunes to entertain the crowds.  Arrive early cuz man does it ever get busy!!

Some very healthy quinoa patties topped with an eggplant mousse.  I was really tempted to try, but my boyfriend was determined to have nothing to do with anything that blatantly healthy.  Other folks loved these little bites from Red Catering though!

Tempted again by p'oh boys at Sticy Ricky's...

Had a friend meet up with us and she had a wicked melty ooey gooey cheesey sandwich from Red Wagon Diner.  The delish breakfast hash was of epic proportions so we sadly had to pass to save tummy space

Mental note to get candy later from Calgary's Candy truck, Sugar Rush

And started off our lunch with the Blues Mobile.
Waiting in line
Yummy yam fries with a mild chiptole aioli
Pulled pork P'oh Boy
Sweet caramelized smokey moist yumminess with a crispy delectable slaw. Nom!
Blackened catfish p'oh boy
Decent portion of fish, but would have like it fattier and more blackened.
The crew of Blues Mobile that make the magic happen!
Picked up a "Woo-hoo! Tine" from JoJo's BBQ cuz they said it was the baconiest poutine in the west
Portion looks puny... but cuz its so heavy, its a fair amount of poutine
Wasn't as much bacon as I would have liked for being the "baconiest in the west".
Cheeseiest maybe... as there was 1:1 of cheese to fries.
A table-mate had a rice vermicelli bowl from The Noodle Bus  They're pho is apparently crazy tasty, but I was too full to try by the time we made it to the food truck.

Tempted to get another poutine from Family Fry Guy.. mainy cuz the logo was so darn cute, but walked around a bit to digest.. breathe instead.

After a brief break, my boyfriend joined us (yup, me and my cousin started without him, but he quickly caught up!) and we shared some yummy tacos wrapped in naans from The Naaco Truck.
Huge line up at this point
A smile and Naaco's at the end!
Smelled soooooo good!
Sexy close up...
Hey.. one of those Naaco's is mine min MINE!!!
Shredded warm seasoned pulled pork, pickled veges, tangy cool slaw...
 and more pickled veges all wrapped up in a soft warm naan. NOM!!!
Think marshmallow samosa!
Crisp, hot, airy light, warm marshmallowy ooey gooey mmmmmm!
Even some of Calgary's finest stopped by briefly to pick up some lunch!

My boyfriend couldn't resist picking up a spud-dog from The Spud Mobeel since you can usually only get them at Stampede or Kdays or festivals.

To fill in remaining nooks and crannies, we had some delish crispy thin crust freshly baked pizza from Avatara Pizza.. complete with their own pizza oven in the truck! Conveniently available in full or half size (really, its separate pizzas, not a half eaten one lol!!  Think this one was called Buddha's feast.

Beautiful blue skies and things heated up.. so we went to hunt for what else... dessert!

We snacked on some cream puffs from Cruffs House of Puffs
Skor bar toffee and chocolate with chocolate custard. Win Win Win!
Admired Fiasco's Gelato's new gelato truck... Bambino!

And of course had some GELATOOOOO! Gelato cookie sandwich was $5, just gelato was $5.  Easy decision.  I had the superb strawberry rhubarb gelato sandwiched inside a warm freshly baked super tender melt in your mouth red velvet cookies. Mmmmm!

Mmmm.. Already looking forward to next year's Eat Real YYC!!

List of 2013 Food trucks:

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