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Thursday 15 August 2013

Angels on horseback P’oh Boys – Bacon wrapped oysters… sandwich love!

What’s better than bacon wrapped oysters? How about bacon wrapped oyster P’oh Boys? For my girlfriend’s engagement party, her love of seafood, bacon and P’oh boys became a combined super tasty idea. What’s there not to love?

Its pretty simple.

Bacon. Oysters.

Fresh veges, fresh crusty buns...

and the groceries like bacon jam. Mmmm!

-fresh oysters
-thick cut bacon
-fresh crusty rolls: we got our torpedo rolls first thing in the morning from the Italian Center!
-sauce: mayo, mustard, roasted garlic chipotle mayo, bacon jam, whatever you like
-fresh veges: romaine lettuce, vine ripened tomatoes

How to
1) Preheat oven to 450F/230C. Pan fry up some thick cut bacon (1-2 pieces of bacon depending on how large your oysters are) for 3-4min on medium high – just so they’re softened by not fully cooked thru and not crispy. Drain fat from bacon and let cool
2) Get some super fresh shucked oysters. Shuck them from the shell if you’re really gungho. Clean them well and rinse out any sand they might have in them.
3) Pat the oysters dry-ish – they’ll continue to ooze out oyster juices over time so don’t freak out
4) Wrap the oysters in bacon and secure it in place with toothpicks or skewers. Small/medium oysters need one piece of bacon, a large oyster usually needs two pieces
5) Place a drip rack/tray on top of a lined pan. Spray the heck out of the drip rack/tray with oil (yes, even with bacon, they do stick as they cook!)
6) Bake 12-15 min. 12min for small oysters, 13-14 for medium oysters and 15 min for large oysters. The bacon will be nice and crispy when they’re done
7) Assemble P’oh boy with the fresh hot baked bacon wrapped oysters. Dig in.

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