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Friday 1 March 2013

Silver Skate Festival 2013, Edmonton, AB - snow and scuptures, food and lots of winter fun!

We bundled up like the Michelin tire cartoon and headed out to the Silver Skate Festival 2013 last last weekend (it took me a little while to put up this post, I know, I know). We were glad we bundled up as the weather was gorgeous with the sun shining and a good chilly breeze that ensured you kept moving – either hiking around the park to look at all the ice and snow sculptures, skating on Hawrelak’s frozen over pond or getting drawn in to the food trailers and food trucks... getting immersed in the Dutch tradition of having fun outdoors! You can have a guess to where we gravitated to first lol!

We after admiring a few sculptures, we hit up the food trailer for a nice late lunch.

We had the fried crisp exterior and ooey gooey kroket on a bun to start. Mmmm!

A bowl of pea soup loaded with salty ham and sausage bits

A gigantor meatball – it was almost like eating a big round seasoned burger lol!

And a cool, salty savory herring loaded up with diced onions.

We eyed a mini donut truck with a long line up and was tempted to have some… after we had a chance to look at some of the creative snow and ice sculptures around the park.

This whimsical octopus looking into a looking glass was one of our favs.

We couldn’t decide if this cow wanted out of the fence or was just chilling out.

This intricate carving reminded me of exotic delicate ivory carvings.

Baba Yaga’s hut version 2013. Too bad the chicken’s head got chopped off.

Idyllic winter scene of skating on a pond…

So pretty and tranquil! (Unless you’re like me who just constantly wipes out lol!)

It wasn’t long before we succumbed to the tantalizing scent of mini donuts and joined the long line up of folks looking forward to the sweet tidbits, and wiggly piggly little kids playing around us. These donuts while fried fresh don’t’ compare to the ones from Those Little Donuts at K Days and Stampede.

They were more cakey-crumbly, and despite a good (bad? heehee) dose of cinnamon sugar, the sugar just wouldn’t stick to the suckers. Ah well.. *munch munch munch*

There was lots of things for kids (and big kids) to do aside from skating… there were several ice slides, maple taffy-ing to be had, a free hot chocolate tent, fresh kettle corn and of course, the ever popular campfire bannock! It’s a little chilly, but can’t wait till the next Silver Skate Festival ... next year!  Ps- they put on 2 evenings of fire sculpture shows, but didn't stay as we had dinner plans that weekend.

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