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Thursday 28 March 2013

Sura Korean Restaurant Calgary, AB

A quarter million served as of March 23, 2013

I think I have eaten at every, or at least almost every Korean restaurant in Calgary. Based on my experiences, biases and taste buds, I gradually found I was drawn back to a restaurant. I finally remembered to bring my camera and... this isn't a review, it's more of a chance to share some pictures and information with people who are unaware of this little gem: Sura.

The parking lot is typically very crowded, so you might have better luck around the corner in the residential area. I have yet to notice any residential signs banning parking. The restaurant was packed even on a Saturday night at 9:00pm. Of course, most places in Calgary are more and more crowded these days on weekend nights.

Entering Sura towards the end of the night allowed a mouth watering aroma of Korean BBQ to accumulate and assail your senses as you enter. The restaurant underwent renovations just over a year ago. The decor is standard; white walls with a few paintings hanging around. The TV seems like a recent addition though.

That seems like a popular dish
There are staple 'small dishes' and there are also ones that change every so often. For example, I had previously eaten some really delicious potatoes that weren't made tonight. My apologies for the blurry pictures. I brought my DSLR without a macro lens, and so I was within the minimum distance to take sharp photos.
Beef Gelatin, the first time I've seen this


Soybeans, probably my favorite of their 'small dishes'

Pickled white carrots

Not sure... there were slices of cabbage and jalapenos

Spicy seaweed with carrots and cucumbers

Pickled sprouts

Spinach with sesame
On to the main dishes...

This is probably grilled mackerel

I didn't catch the name of this dish. It was chicken, rice and vegetables and kept warm with a portable gas burner

The server's will mix the dish for you prior to serving

Seafood Pancake

A closer look: The 'Seafood Pancake' is full of seafood and veggies

Korean style BBQ Pork with lettuce wraps
Sura gradually became my go to Korean restaurant in Calgary. Some people like to BBQ their own food at a Korean restaurant. Sura does not have this option. Although cooking your own food can be fun, the advantage of a non-do-it-yourself BBQ place is that you are able to walk out without smelling like BBQ smoke.

Sura is across from.... a McDonald's

I strongly recommend Sura Korean Restaurant
+ The food is delicious
+ The servings are large
+ Several 'small dishes' change every so often to offer more variety
+ Last summer after their renovation, they featured a dessert bar in the summer

Sura Korean Restaurant Address 2320 4 St NW Calgary, AB T2M 2Z6
Phone (403) 569-1454
Hours Open Wed-Monday for lunch and dinner, Closed Tuesdays
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