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Monday 25 March 2013

De Dutch Pannekoek House Edmonton, AB – breakfast, brunch and pancakes… Pannekoeken!!

I was really excited when I heard De Dutch was coming to Edmonton... and get bragging rights to have it first in Alberta!  It started off as a small family run burger joint, and morphed into a huge breakfast and brunch franchise chain all over our neighbor over the mountains – BC… you could almost toss a pebble in any direction while you’re in BC and hit one of these stores… or hit a Starbucks lol!  Anyways, I was excited to relive some happy nostalgic memories of fully loaded breakfasts, gigantic Dutch style pancakes served savory or sweet from awesome road trips out to BC with friends and family.  Lets a go-ah!
Décor varies from franchise to franchise location.  The one I remember last going to looked like a wood cabin!  So on a blustery Sunday early afternoon, we headed to Edmonton’s version - a snug, bright modern space with lots of bright cheerful orange accents.  Service was prompt and friendly, though a bit harried by the volume of customers as the kitchen had issues with keeping up with demand… brunch took over an hour to come out after we placed out order… and we had missed the lunch rush! Anyways, here’s a pic of our drinks: freshly machine squeezed orange juice (no pulp) and a Dutch mocha… which tasted just like a hot chocolate – which our waitress kindly offered to top up the cup of sweetness with a fresh pot of coffee she was making rounds with.

As we whittled time away, chatted and had our tummies growl at us, the waitress brought out my order of Signature Dutch Pea Soup separate from our brunch order which was still slowly making its way through the kitchen.  Salty, savory, with a few pieces of deBakon (think lean thinly sliced Canadian bacon, not the typical salty greasy crisp strips!), this was a filling bowl of soup!

Our brunch order finally came out!  My boyfriend went with the traditional Pannekoeken – a thin gigantic pancake that covers the plate.  You can have savory or sweet toppings either mixed into the pancake batter or plunked on top of the cooked pancake.  He went with what I think was called the DeBratwurst + “Free Run” Eggs Tomato Garnish.  The pancake was liberally studded with little diced/shaved bits of savory deBakon, and topped with two eggs done your way (over easy in his case) and two slices of tomato.  He made his Pannekoeken disappear in record time!

I was waffling between getting the Brie, blueberry and onion toastie – can’t really go wrong with blueberries, cheese and a touch of onion toasted between bread… or a Pannekoeken… or the Chicken Pear Sandwich… which also had toasted brie… so sandwich it was!  A large slab of moist steamed/roasted chicken breast is sandwiched between what tasted like regular white sliced bread (was supposed to be sour dough), and had a few slices of sweet grilled/roasted pears (yummy.. could have used a lot more!), a bit of melted brie and fresh spinach leaves stuffed in.  Oh, and a slice of pickle that didn’t really need to be added :p

The sheer amount of chicken in the sandwich kind of overwhelmed everything in the sandwich... I actually would have been happier if the chicken portion was reduced by half and maybe have all the sandwich toppings layered multiple times if they wanted a big looking sandwich to showcase the flavors.  While tasty, I should have went with my first choice – the brie, blueberry and onion toastie.  Ah well, there’s always next time!!

Overall, there’s a few timing issues in the kitchen, but with a bit of time, I’m looking forward to seeing more De Dutch's opening around town, as it’s a nice change and addition to the other breakfast/brunch chains in the city... just make sure you get up early to beat the lunch and brunch crowd!

De Dutch Pannekoek House
Address 10030 Jasper Ave, Edmonton, AB T5J1R9
Phone (587) 520-8841
Hours open daily for breakfast and lunch
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Anonymous said...

This is not the first DeDutch in Alberta. Calgary had one for many years (not sure it's still there) in the Northeast. There is also another pannekoek restaurant in Calgary called Pfantastic Pannekoek Haus which is very good...a different menu selection than at DeDutch. said...

Guess I should have said first successful De Dutch.. the initial one in Calgary closed a while back. Thanks for the clarification!! :)

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