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Thursday 21 March 2013

Edible Arrangements – cute, healthy and artfully constructed fruit arrangements

Fruits and vegetables are good for us. They packed full of good stuff like vitamins, minerals, and fiber to keep us regular. My boyfriend hates vegetables. I generally have to puree, dice them up microscopically small and disguise or hide them somehow so he’ll eat them. Fruits on the other hand, he loves. So when one of his best friends bought him a fruit arrangement from Edible Arrangements for his birthday – totally awesome.. both for the tummy, aesthetics and his gastrointestinal health! :D
The fruit arrangements are like floral arrangements and looks liek a fruit basket on drugs. The fruit is cut up fresh daily, affixed onto plastic skewers (no wood or bamboo slivers yaaah!) and then planted into a foam chunk usually hidden by a bowl or in this case a Mickey Mouse themed pot. We got a pot of creamy chocolate sauce for chocolate fondue-ing (not pictured) which is where the plastic skewers come into play. And the whole works is wrapped up in clear cellophane for a gift basket like look.

The Mickey Mouse themed arrangement has golden pineapple slices cut into the shape of the infamous mouse head, and had skewered grapes, cantaloupe slices, honeydew melon slices and perfect ripe strawberries. Where on earth they managed to source such beautiful strawberries at this time of year must be a corporate secret!

So if you’re looking for something different, pretty and healthy, you may want to think about a fruit arrangement. This made for a wonderful dessert to share with family… my boyfriend loves fruit, but this much fruit between two people was a lot of fruit! lol! *Munch munch munch!*

Edible Arrangements
Address 10179 105 St, Suite 2, Edmonton, AB T5J 1E2. Silly to type them all out so Multiple locations Canada and US wide. Find the closest one to you here
Phone 780-429-2901
Hours open daily, check local stores for opening hours.
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