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Thursday 27 September 2012

Edmonton Cariwest Festival 2012 - A taste of the Caribbean in the heart of the city

Sunshine, amazing cultural Carribean festival art and costumes, and plenty of food trucks offering up a taste of the Caribbeans in the heart of Edmonton... whats there not to like?

This year, most of the funky and huge parade costumes were on display offsite and were not seen in and around Churchill Square as they have done in the past, which kinda of removed some of the festival atmosphere. Still, there was plenty of music blasting out of the loudspeakers and lineups starting when we arrived early Sun morning.  And Churchill Square is right next to the City Hall fountains - where families were already starting to splash!

There were lots of food stalls to choose from, with familiar restaurant names

Where we picked up some zingy homemade gingerbeer, and a quite bitter traditional drink, which refreshing - was definitely an acquired taste

There was also some non-Caribbean/Jamaican themed food trucks with German sausage

But we're here for the Cariwest festival! So we picked up a hot flaky meat pastry filled with plenty of savoury meat goo sold by numerous food trucks and meandered to see what else was getting set up (we arrived early to beat the crowds)

Should we get an assortment of kebabs from Kebab Hut?

A platter of tastiness from one of our fav Caribbean restaurants?

Something Italian?


A new catering company that was still setting up its BBQ?

My fav curry food truck?

Something we haven't tried yet, but highly recommended?

We cooled off by picking up yet another cold and fizzy ginger beer while we meandered and looked around

We went with A Yah Mi Deh's combo platters - rich spicy moist jerk chicken with rice, and a refreshing coleslaw.

As well as an Allo pie from them - a lightly spicy potato filled hand held deep fried pie. Filling and tasty!

Here's a shot of the starchy interior

Seeing that some jerk chicken was freshly tossed onto the BBQ...

We headed back to Paradise Grill, where it was a family affair to cook the jerk chicken to

a juicy perfection!

We picked a pineapple ginger drink - which tasted mainly of pineapple juice with a hint of gingerroot finish while waiting for the jerk chicken to finish cooking up

And after waiting patiently for the chicken to finish cooking - and being taunted by the delicious smells, we got our order of jerk chicken with rice studded with beans and garden salad

The chicken was tender moist with a delicious and slightly spicy crisp crust. Mmmm! well worth the wait!

Stuffed to the hilt, we'll have to hit up the various food trucks representing Caribbean and Jamaican restaurants until next year!

A Yah Mi Deh Jamaican Restaurant and Bakery
4435 118 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T5W1B2
Phone (780) 479-1900
Hours Open daily noon-3,pm, 6pm-11pm
A Yah Mi Deh Jamaican Restaurant and Bakery on Urbanspoon


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Paradise Grill
Phone (587) 990-4660
Hours varies
Paradise Grill on Urbanspoon

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