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Sunday 9 September 2012

Ramen Ya Maui, Hawaii - Family orientated hot bowl of ramen

Rating Food 7.75/10
After a day of hitting up the beaches, shopping and noshing on tasty fruits at fruit stands, we had a craving for hot soup noodles later in the evening. Maui's chill and relaxed attitude that permeates the islanders and tourists alike almost meant most places that sold ramen was already closed. So we headed to the one place that was still open: Ramen Ya, located inside a shopping mall.

Judging from our fellow ramen slurping tablemates and many families sharing plates of food inside this small narrow restaurant, the portions are HUGE! Nonetheless, we went ahead and ordered two bowls of ramen. I got the Gomoku ramen

It was in a salty salty broth, loaded up with veges: bok choy, slivered cabbage, seaweed, canned bamboo shoots, and canned corn niblets, as well as a few large slices of slightly overcooked BBQ pork/ham? and half a hard boiled egg. The noodles soaked up the broth fast, so you had to eat quickly before they became too soggy.

My boyfriend went with the Big Bowl Ramen, which it was!

The broth was fatty and tasted strongly of salty miso paste. Along with the loaded up veges: bok choy, slivered cabbage, seaweed, canned bamboo shoots, and canned corn niblets, it had large sliced slabs of bread crumb crusted deep fried chicken (or was it pork, I don't remember). The canned bamboo shoots had a very strong chemical taste which was a bit off putting.

Overall a family friendly ramen shop that serves huge portions, and beloved by the locales. If they used more fresh and less canned ingredients, they'd be on their way to a much tastier ramen!

Ramen Ya
275 West Kaahumanu Avenue, Kahului, HI, United States (Inside Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center)
Phone (808) 873-9688
Hours Mon-Sat 10:30am-9:30pm, Sun 10:30am-8:30pm
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