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Monday 3 September 2012

Lahaina Pizza Co - tasty deep dish pizza

Rating 7.75/10
With happy memories of hit the spot deep dish pizza from Lahaina Pizza Co a little while back, we headed here for a late lunch with visions of ooey gooey cheesey deep dish pizza happiness floating through our heads.

We ordered some drinks to cool off from the humid heat in the semi-open aired dinning area upstairs. My lemonade was oddly pink-tinged, and tasted canned. Ah well, it was cold.

First out was the Meat Lovers. Self explanatory - meat meat meat, cheese cheese cheese!

We also had a Seafood Alfredo pizza with shrimp, spinach, sundried tomatos and creamy Alfredo sauce. Lighter sitting in the tummy with fresh seafood topping the pizza. The slightly creamy, though not cheesey Alfredo sauce added to the lightness of this pizza.

And yes, since we were in Hawaii, we got their equivalent of a Hawaiian pizza - Kahula Pig.

Overall, still a great place to grab a deep dish pizza, thought they should bring back their crispier crusts and load it up with more cheese, as it felt like they cut back a lot on toppings since the last time we were here

Lahaina Pizza Co.
Address 730 Front St Lahaina, HI
Phone (808) 661-0700
Hours Open daily for lunch, dinner and the late night crowd
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