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Monday 24 September 2012

Duchess Bake Shop Edmonton, AB - best place for macarons, pastries and Gruyere crossaints!

Hands down the best bakery in the city, not only for their decadently sinful and gorgeous pastries and freshly baked goodies, made apologetically with butter and imported ingredients like Valrhona chocolate - but also for their focus on exceptional customer service. Case in point, when this little amazing pastry shop first opened, they specialized (and still do) in macarons. Curious, I called them up and asked if I could try all their flavors...

I was initially told they only make a few flavors a day and rotate them daily. I told them I understood, even though it would take me weeks to eventually try all their flavors.  Then there was a pause on the phone, and the staff happily filled my special order for one macaron of every flavor they made! Mind you, they've come out with lots more flavors since they opened, and I love dropping by every now and then to pick up a few.  Mmmm.. my fav is still the salted caramel and the dark Valrhona chocolate macaron - crisp on the outside, soft and full of mouthwatering creamy ganache inside *drool!* My girlfriend who had a bride who loved macarons so much it bordered on obsession - the owners graciously taught them how to make a mountain of these delicate tasty bites for the wedding! Who does that these days? The Duchess Bake Shop does.  They have great pastries, passion and heart. Okay, now onto the desserts! On a sunny weekend, we stopped by to relax and enjoy a cup of Steeps Chai latte and organic coffees from St City Roasters
A cute milk foam heart on my chai latte
And after boyfriend's family picked up a few boxes of various pastries, pain au chocolate (chocolate crossaints!), tarts, macarons (no brainer!), we sit down to have one of my fav tarts... the Passionfruit raspberry tart!

An inverted dome of creamy rich intensely passionfruity mousse (almost like a rich Crème brûlée in texture) is floated on a pool of raspberry caramel goo, with a mixed berry coulis topping it. Rather than the ubiquitous fresh mint leaf garnish, this tart is topped with a striking verdant green and white chocolate piece and of course, fresh raspberries! Mmmmmmmmm!

And the best part... they brought back the Gruyere crossaints!!! :D As soon as we saw them, we cleaned out the entire display case of them. (sorry folks, they are that good!. Super flakey crisp on the outside and tender soft buttery inside with oodles of sharp Gruyere cheese inside and out. NOM!!!

Congrats on your recent expansion... More space for more tastiness!! Will swing by and try the sandwiches soon!

Duchess Bake Shop
10720-124 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T5M 0H1
Phone (780) 488-4999
Hours Tue–Fri 9am–8pm, Sat 10am–6pm, Sun 10am-5pm, Closed Mondays
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