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Thursday 13 September 2012

Mai Tai Lounge Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii - Tasty Mai Tai's, pulled pork tacos and lobster quesadillas

Food 7.75/10 Service 7/10
In the mood for cold drinks on a patio with hopefully a few tasty snacks thrown in, we meandered into Mai Tai Lounge after shopping in the quaint little shops in Lahaina. This bar had an opened aired dinning area, boasting Maui's best Mai Tai's and friendly if disorganized service.

It was a bit early to drink being only early afternoon, but you can't go to a place that boasts awards for having the best Mai Tai on the island without ordering one! We enjoyed the view while we waited for our drinks

And lazed around and waited some more...

After about 20min we gave a gentle reminder to a floating manager, and 10min later our Mai Tai's arrived. Voted #1 Mai Tai 5 years in a Row by Maui Time - this is a tasty sweet drink with its mixture of rums, fruit juices and crushed ice

After another bit of waiting and clarification with the waitress that yes, we did want the food we ordered (odd question!), she asked if we wanted one of each the Riki Tiki pork and fish tacos - great idea, since we wanted to nibble and snack on various items on their menu and our food came out!

First up was the nicely seasoned moist Riki Tiki sautéed Mahi Mahi Tacos (on left side)served with a leaf of cabbage and dotted with a pineapple-​mango salsa (missing the mango!). The salsa overwhelmed the delicate fish a bit, but still made for a few tasty bites!

To the right was the soft, flavorful pulled pork Riki Tiki Kalua Pork Taco supposed to be topped with a pineapple-​mango salsa (whoops they forgot!) and BBQ sauce. Luckily, the BBQ sauce made this pulled pork taco, though the pork was cooked a bit too long, making it reaaaally soft. The tacos were served with a side of fries.

Last up was the Lobster Quesadilla​. Sounded a bit ostentatious to have lobster in a quesadilla, but hey, we're on vacation, so why not? The pineapple mango salsa was a sad little pile of canned pineapple and diced raw onion off to the side with no mango to be seen.

Small quarter sized think lobster medallions​, are sandwiched in a lightly grilled soft tortilla with a trace of pepper jack cheese and drizzled with a chipotle ranch dressing.

Overall, a place to lounge and kill an afternoon sipping on Mai Tai's and nibble on appetizers if you don't mind waiting around for your food and drinks.

Mai Tai Lounge
839 Front St, Lahaina, HI 96761
Phone (808) 661-5288
Hours Open daily 11am-10pm
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