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Monday 31 October 2011

Tutti Frutti Edmonton, AB - Awesome frozen yogurt done anyway you want

Rating 8/10
Tucked into a little basement suite, this little frozen yogurt franchise takes a bit of finding. Look for their little sign! Once you enter, there is a small window seating area, and stairs leading down into the bright and airy main pastel colored seating area and frogurt bar.  Its family friendly, with a kids area and diaper changing tables.  People with strollers or are unable to go down the stairs can sit in the upstairs sitting area (unfortuantly, the actual frogurt stations downstairs is not handicap accessible)... but if you call ahead, the staff are more than happy to bring your frogurt order right up to you!

The process is pretty simple, as explained by an enthusiastic cashier:
A) Pick a container size - medium or large
B) Dispense whichever flavors of frozen yogurt you want at any or all of the machines
C) Top your frogurt creation with a variety of candy/chocolate/cookie toppings
D) Weigh your creation and pay $0.49/oz
E) Enjoy!

There is at least a dozen different flavors on the floor tonight - most are changed over daily, with the most popular ones staying consistent
With a large variety of candies (including Jelly Bellies!), chocolate, nuts, fresh fruit, cookies, fruit caviar (bit artificial tasting), crushed crisp waffle cones, and of course sprinkles!!! You can let your inner child out and customize your frozen yogurt to your heart's content.

Flavors of Frozen Yogurt we tried
We didn't make our frogurt as pretty as they advertise cuz we wanted to try as many flavors as we could :P  We didn't take pics of all the flavors cuz we started digging before we snapped a pic!

1) Red Velvet Cake - we were impressed that there was a nice hit of vanilla interspersed with a tangy frogurt. This was delicious mixed with the death by chocolate frogurt. Red Velvet chocolate cake anyone? Mmmm.
2) Blueberry - fresh if tart blueberry flavor with a few seeds
3) Strawberry - only disappointment of the night as had a bit of an artifical flavor
4) Lychee - Definite winner as it tasted more like a fresh smooth lychee ice than a frogurt.. yumyumyum!
5) Death by Chocolate - creamy and rich, this tasted closer to a chocolate icecream than frogurt, and we're not complaining!!!
6) Pistachio - faint notes of unroasted pistachio, a frogurt that grows on you as you continue to eat it
7) Plain - we use a true measure of how "yogurty" the frozen yogurt really is. Tutti Frutti falls between true frozen block of yogurt whipped to a fluffiness and soft serve.
8) Melon - An instant hit as it tasted like you were biting into a cool ripe honeydew melon. Mmmmm!

9) Grape - Surprisingly unlike their other fruit flavors, this one is like eating a grape candy
10) Tutti Frutti - An interesting blend of citrus and other fruits... like a light fruit punch
11) Raspberry - tastes like a whipped version of raspberry yogurt with a few seeds - tangy!

Overall, a great place to enjoy a customized frozen yogurt with plenty of un-artificial and tasty flavors to choose from. So you can have your frogurt or FroYo with a sprinkle of whatever you can dream of.  As healthy as you want to make it... or go nuts and load 'er up with toppings.  And its gluten free! Mmmm. We're totally coming back for more frooooogurt! :D

Don't forget to enter our contest for a $25 gift certificate good for well, $25 of Tutti Frutti's awesome frogurt or FroYo... that's like 4lbs of frogurt and toppings! So yes, it may be a good idea to share with your friends!!!
To enter, head to our Facebook page!

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

Address 10420 82 Avenue, Edmonton, AB T6E 2A2
Phone 780-988-8679
Hours Mon-Thu noon-10pm, Fri noon-11pm, Sat 11am-11pm, Sun noon-10pm
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