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Monday 3 October 2011

Barb's Fish and Chips Floating Seafood Restaurant Victoria BC - Fish and chips on Fisherman's Wharf!

Rating 7.75/10
After taking the scenic route and water taxing to Fisherman's wharf (accessible by walking or driving, but we did water taxing for fun), we were greeted by a HUGE line up for fish and chips at Barb's. Sitting alongside other houseboats with storefronts on the main deck, the wait in line was a scenic repast as there was plenty of families strolling, shopping all intermingled with the mouth watering scent of freshly fried fish and the smell of the sea. Barb's has been opened for 27 yrs which we discovered while chatting with a friendly couple from Liverpool.

the FOOD
To avoid the ridiculous lineups, we headed there for a late dinner around 730pm, so we only had to wait about 20-30min in line to order our food and given a pager to let us know when our food was ready (about 20min later).

The seafood/clam chowder was outstanding. It was very creamy, smooth with a huge hit of cream, with big generous chunks of fresh clams... after you fish out all the seafood and nosh on it, you get pretty full... but don't forget the remainder of the flavorful chowder... *SLUUUUUUUUURP!* Nommy!

Fish and Chips The fish was fresh, and almost burn your mouth hot after you bite through the thin crispy and slightly chewy British style batter. They only had halibut and haddock, and strangely no cod. We had to figure out which orders where which by biting in. The halibut version was lean and firm, and a bit on the dry side, while the haddock version was moist, but flavorless. Too bad they don't sell cod as its a more moist and flavorful fish. After the fries were drenched with malt vinegar... Delicious! The fries were wrapped with wax paper to keep things clean... But you need the newspaper ink to give you that extra hit of Sunday post flavor lol! It was served with a few wedges of lemon. *ka-squeeze!*

Overall, despite the ridiculously long lineups, Barb's runs an efficient ship, with decent fresh fish and chips, and a chowder, chow-daaaaaaa I'll definitely be heading back for. *burp!*

Barb's Fish and Chips Floating Seafood Restaurant
Fisherman's Wharf, Erie Street,Victoria, BCV8V
Phone (250) 384-6515
Hours March-October - Open Daily from 11:00am until dark

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