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Thursday 27 October 2011

Haultain Fish & Chips Victoria, BC - yes, more fish and chips!!

Rating 7.0/10
Following our noses, we stop off at Haultain Fish and Chips for a quick fish and chips snack. The locales like it, and upon their recommendation, our little troupe headed on over to this weathered and homey restaurant that had the look and feel of an old school diner. We soon learned this restaurant has been frying up fish and the like since 1924!

the FOOD
Scallop Dinner

We know, this was a dinner, but when you share it with a large group, its a snack lol! Quarter sized scallops (when you include the batter which was very very thick but crunchy crisp) were a bit of work to eat. You really had to work to pierce it with fork, and it was unseasoned and slightly overcooked. But it was only $10, and came with some of the best fries we've had in Victoria, so they were forgiven. The fries were lightly salted, crispy on outside, and super mooshy on inside.

Fish and Chips
Since the scallops were not lining our tummy much, we had the fish and chips as well. Encased in a light crispy batter, this was quite satisfying as the fish was moist. However, they don't let the grease drip from the fish too much, so be warned, its a bit on the greasyspoon side of things.  The fish is available grilled as well for the more health conscious.

Onion Rings
We rounded things off with a side order of run of the mill greasy crisp on the outside and mooshy on the inside onion rings...

Now this dish made our day... small pieces of tender calamari are dunked in a light batter and fried to a crunchy crisp - with the interior either a tender perfection, or smaller pieces crunchy crisp all the way through. Mmmm!  Dunked into the sauce it came with... gold.  A lemon wedge is provided for those who like a bit more zing.

Overall, a quaint and quick place to grab some freshly deep fried happiness. Especially if you like calamari. Nom!

Haultain Fish and Chips
1127 Haultain Street, Victoria, BC V8T 1V4
Phone (250) 383-8332
Hours Tues - Sat 11:30am-7:30pm, Closed Mon and Sun
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