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Friday 7 December 2012

Looking back at our favourite foodie things this year: Part 3 random tasty eats in Hawaii!

Everyone makes lists. Top (insert # into here). Well, I'm gonna be lazy and just randomly ramble off the things that were awesome this spring, summer and fall... winter I'll get to in a few months once spring comes again and I'm not working my way out of snowbank for the umpth-teen time :)  Crap. The list is too long. Okay, part 1 will be all the awesome friend stuff, then part 2 will be random yummies at random local restaurants.  This is going to be a food porn run! *you've been warned!*
In Oahu, Hawaii
Starting with the most important meal of the day - the first one! Dreamy soft fluffy macadamia pancakes and waffles from Egg 'n Things with lots of pineapple/guava/coconut syrup of course!

Indulging at an epic omakase menu at Gaku.. so much so that we needed to have part 1, part 2 and part 3 posts to encompass all the yummy food!

From an all day self-food tour of Oahu (and invading a day of KimChee's honeymoon in indulge in our passion of eating!), we all loved Fumi's butter garlic and spicy butter shrimp!

and... culminating in pigging out on a seafood feast at Blue Water Shrimp and Seafood Market

Hank's awesome gourmet dawgs - and meeting Hank (made the visit extra awesome).. if a bacon wrapped deep fried dawg isn't pretty awesome already.  Will haveta return to try the lobster dawg on a Saturday someday soon!

A wicked bowel of traditional family style ramen at Ramen Nakamura

A visit to Oahu isn't complete without stopping by Matsumoto's Shaved Ice!!

And going numerous times to eat the Dole Plantation's infamous fresh pineapple whip!

In Maui, tasty memorable items included:

Breakfast at Kihei Caffe (no new pics this year sollies), the Mai Tais at Mai Tai Lounge in Lahaina

wicked moist Huli Huli Chicken... beach/roadside BBQ at its best

the luscious Liliko’i Crème Brulèe from Mama's Fish House in Pia

And no visit complete to Maui without some shaved ice from Ululani's

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