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Thursday 12 July 2012

Gaku Sushi Izakaya, Honolulu, Oahu - Part 3 or 3 Best sushi in Honolulu!

Now onto Part 3.. Part 1 here, Part 2 here! We had to sit back and digest a bit to make more tummy room after the yummy steak, garlic seared toro, and the excellent sushi nigiri earlier in part 2, not to mention the Spicy Neghihamachi tartare, oysters and tasty sashimi in part 1! And we had to save room for dessert!!

We watched as Chef Nobu expertly assembled what we guessed was going to be maki...

And it was! Here's mine... The tekka maki had almost sweet tasting rich tuna, while the ehu was nice and fresh, just like the sashimi a few courses back

and my boyfriend's plate! The shrimp was very fresh, and my boyfriend enjoyed the multilayered fluffy sweetened egg Tamogoyaki

Next up, Chef Nobu started to blowtorch something...

Yes! Its our fav - gently seared O Toro nigiri. Buttery rich fatty O toro is paird with seasoned slightly tangy rice and gently kissed with a blowtorch to caramelise the top and saturate the nigiri with the rich natural oils inherent in O toro... Nom!!!

It was paired with a super moist, tender Anago sushi nigiri which had its characterstic delicate smokey flavor (not found in fresh water Unagi) brought out by a housemade terriyaki glaze.. Mmmmm!

Chef Nobu kept it coming with a geoduck/giant clam nigiri and red snapper nigiri. We forgot to take a pic as we inhaled the crispy sweet geoduck nigiri... whoops! heehee!

The red snapper nigiri was tasty, and in line with the yummy red snapper sashimi we had a few courses earlier

We had to sit back and digest for a bit before our desserts came out - both made by Chef Hedecki! The first up was a silky smooth matcha green tea pudding topped with a super sweet and aromatic piece of mango, grapes and a delicious spoonful of sweetened red bean dessert that paired nicely with the almost custard like dessert. A touch of whipped cream is there for those that like a bit more richness with their dessert. Nom!

Our last course was a baked cheesecake, which without the graham cracker bottom, really showcased the simple flavors of the simple yet rich cheesecake. Drizzled with a light chocolate sauce, and some ripe blueberries, the slice of strawberry added in a nice touch of color. Mmmmm!!!

Our meal came with a wish! As Tanabata (Japanese Star Festival) was coming up, all guests were given a marker and a slip of colored paper to write thier wish on, and attach to the greenery and potted trees within the restaurant

This concludes our omasake meal that should have ended way back on post one.. but we made lots of tummy space to make it to part 3!!  As we nearly had to be rolled out of the restaurant after our meal, we walked out to a chorus of thank-yous from the friendly staff. Thank you Chef Nobu and all the staff at Gaku Sushi Izakaya for a fabulous and memorable meal!  We'll have to fly back sometime to eat again!  Gochisou sama deshita and hayaku aitai to omotteru!

Gaku Sushi Izakaya

Address 1329 S King St Honolulu, HI 96814
Phone (808) 589-1329
Hours varies, call to find out and make reservations ahead of time

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