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Friday 13 July 2012

Milestone's Restaurant South Edmonton Common, Edmonton, AB - Yummy spinach and artichoke dip

Service 9/10, Food 7.75/10 After a weekwend packed full of running errands, we swung by Milestones to grab some drinks, a quick bite to eat and unwind since we were in the area. We lucked out, found a spot in the bar area and had the same plucky waitress we had last time. Its just as noisy if not more in the dinning area which was packed, so sitting in the bar area was no biggie.
Less yappie, more food! So while I got my usual belinni, you can see pics from our previous visit here (I was too lazy and sipped on it before snapping a pic), my boyfriend went with the Chocolate mores martini. We were looking forward to a chocolate martini served with whimsical toasted marshmallows. Unfortunately, the marshmallows were probably left over from the last camping trip as they were incredibly, dry, chewy and generally unpalatable despite us trying to rehydrate it in the martini. Thankfully, the martini was tasty even if the marshmallows were far from.

As usual, we had the Kobe style classic beef sliders sorry, I don't think I'll ever tire of them! Addicted to these seasoned savory mini hamburgers topped with fried onion straws, mozza and a sesame mustard dunking sauce. This version had some mayo on it... I think I liked it better when they had put on slices of avocado

Why hello beautiful!

We also had the Hot spinach and artichoke dip to change things up. Molten hot cheese, plenty of chopped wilted spinach and large chunks of artichoke served with lots lightly salted of fried tortilla chips. Small bowls of sour creme and bruschetta come with if you want to add more topping on your chips. Simple and tasty!

We split an entree to hopefully save room for dessert... to no avail. We still ended up too full for dessert! We went with the Italian sausage ravioli with tomato basil sauce and garlic cream pesto. Picture shown is a half order as we split this entree - we each had 4 medium large ravioli stuffed with lightly spicy sausage and cheese filling, covered in a passable tomato sauce and pesto. The very salty garlic cream pesto sauce was oddly squirted on in thick unappetizing trails. Perhaps plating it in a circular puddle that the ravioli rests on.. would make it look far less like well, thick green poop trails LOL!

Still a tasty and fast place for a quick and hearty large meal with excellent service.

Milestone's Restaurant South Edmonton Common
Address 1708 99th Street NW, Edmonton, Alberta, T6N 1M5
Phone (780) 469-9013
Hours Mon-Wed 11am-10pm, Thu 11am-11pm, Fri 11am-midnight, Sat 10am- midnight Sun 10am-10pm
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